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Tulsa's most responsive window cleaning company. Get Estimate




“Garrett has been cleaning our windows for 3 years now. He does a spectacular job! He pays very close attention to detail and you can see the results in his work. He got out some hard water stains for us that no one else had been able to remove. We are very happy to have him here doing our windows.”

-Church on the Move


“Just wanted to say thank you for the great job you do on our windows.
You’re always thorough and precise. Our windows have never looked so good.”
– Toby Keith’s Bar and Grill


“Our windows have never shined so bright! Garrett’s service was above and beyond, and we will certainly be using this company on a regular basis in the future.”
– Museum of Broken Arrow

Window Cleaning Tulsa

You can rest assured that by choosing Gleaming Glass, you will be choosing the best window cleaning tulsa based company. In fact, we’ve been awarded’s best window cleaning tulsa award in window cleaning tulsa based services for four consecutive years: 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016. picks the best window cleaning companies in major cities, and displays their coveted picks on a website created for each of those cities.

The team interviewed us, and analyzed Gleaming Glass to verify both our level of experience, and determine whether or not we are properly insured. They even did some digging within the window cleaning tulsa industry to find out what our reputation is among fellow window cleaning business owners and vendors across the nation. More importantly, they researched our reputation within the local window cleaning tulsa market and found that we were the most highly rated and reviewed, window cleaning tulsa based company.

Being awarded this many consecutive years as Tulsa’s best window cleaning company doesn’t just happen by chance. We have been diligent and have worked extremely hard for these awards. Everything about the Gleaming Glass experience was designed with you, the customer, in mind. From the first initial contact to your first cleaning, and on to every cleaning after that, we try our best to be world class window cleaners. We’ve invested in the best cleaning equipment money can buy. Some of that equipment includes ultra lightweight and stiff carbon fiber water fed poles, reverse osmosis filters, charcoal filters, sediment filters, and deionization filters. This combination of equipment allows us to clean most 2nd and 3rd story windows with our feet still on the ground! This keeps us off ladders as much as possible, and reduces the potential risk of harm to our employees or your property. No window is worth dying for, so we embrace any piece of equipment that allows us to clean your windows effectively AND safely. We also invested a large sum of money in the program on our website that allows you to get an accurate window cleaning quote in just a couple of minutes. You will absolutely be blown away by how easy it is to get your price and schedule your window cleaning tulsa appointment. We guarantee that you have never experienced anything like our instant estimate software. Investing in expensive, highly sophisticated bidding and scheduling software was enough to set us apart from our window cleaning tulsa competition, but we didn’t stop there.

If communication is important to you, Gleaming Glass is where it’s at! If you’re looking for a window cleaning tulsa based company that actually cares about your phone call, give us a call at 918-850-9798. “Your call is important to us.” I know you’ve heard that a thousand times before, mostly from automated computer answering systems… “your call is important to us, please stay on the line…” If those companies really wanted to express the fact that your call is important, they would have a real human being answering your phone call. What a crazy idea right?! Well, that’s exactly what we do! We have a fully functional humanoid to answer all incoming phone calls, and this humanoid has all the bells and whistles. This fine specimen boasts all of the latest and greatest human abilities including, but not limited to: air-breathing, question asking, keyboard typing, and brain utilizing technologies.

That description was ridiculous, but it was to make a point. Finding a Tulsa window cleaning company that actually answers the phone can be difficult. Let not your heart be troubled though. Give us a call! We’ll answer the phone, and we’ll be happy to help you. If you’re calling to get a window cleaning tulsa estimate, start out by heading on over to our “Contact Us” page. There, you’ll find the exact same program I will use if it’s necessary to give you an onsite quote. I will arrive at your house, pull up this website page on my phone, and then walk around your house filling out the form just like you would do. It just makes more sense to have you fill it out seeing you’re already at your house, rather than have to drive out to every potential customer requesting an estimate. I would be spending a quarter of every week just driving around town, and not getting any actual work done. To take the communication thing a step further, I also invested in a fully automated email system designed to keep you in the loop at all times, without annoying you. Let’s just say at Gleaming Glass, we have the communication thing down pat. Moving onto our reputation in the local window cleaning tulsa market.

We have a lot of reviews. More reviews than you probably care to read, or even have time to read. Our original goal for Gleaming Glass was to claim the title of “Most Highly Reviewed Tulsa Window Cleaning Company”. We accomplished that goal, and have set a new goal for ourselves! We are now aiming to be “Oklahoma’s Most Highly Reviewed Window Cleaning Company.” Someday soon…that title will be ours! You can read our current reviews by clicking here.

Women make up a large portion of our customer base. A common concern among women looking for the right window cleaning tulsa company is the fact that they are typically home alone with the kids, and now they have to let some strange window cleaner in the home. Is this guy an ex-criminal? Can he be trusted to go from room to room unsupervised? I’m completely confident that all of those feelings and concerns will be put to rest when you meet us for the first time. You will feel absolutely comfortable with us in your home. Just read what some of our customers had to say after their first cleaning:

“…So pleased to have found this young man. He is a keeper…”
– Marca Mayberry

“My father-in-law and his wife were both pleased with your meticulous work beyond description. You definitely exceeded their expectations. In addition, they both said they enjoyed your company…”
– Alan Finley

“…Great personality. Felt very comfortable with Garrett in my home…!!”
– Karin Vaughn

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