Commercial Window Cleaning Company

Are you the owner of a Tulsa commercial window cleaning company? If so, please disregard everything I’m about to say in this article. We are writing this article to rank higher in the Google search engine results. As a result, we are going to be using the term Tulsa commercial window cleaning company quite a bit. Consider yourself warned! It could very well be that you find yourself dreaming tonight about a Tulsa commercial window cleaning company. Hopefully, you will be dreaming about gleaming glass, even though we are not strictly a commercial window cleaning company. Let’s rephrase that! If you are a homeowner, you will likely be dreaming about Tulsa residential window cleaning companies. More specifically, we hope that you’ll dream about gleaming glass. This article is not designed to hypnotize you to think about window cleaning. That said, if it has that effect, we won’t complain!

Down a Rabbit Hole

Let’s jump back into collecting payment for your commercial window cleaning company. Again, I can’t stress this enough! If you own a Tulsa commercial window cleaning company this advice is not for you. I forbid you to continue reading this article. In fact, I have embedded lines of code in this article to decipher whether or not my competition is reading this content. I will know who you are. I will find you. And I will completely dominate you in the Google search engine results page. We will be victorious in the battle of the S.E.R.P.S. I digress. We should get back to collecting payment for your commercial window cleaning company. However, we must first take a commercial break for our sponsor Gleaming Glass. Without gleaming glass, these quality content articles would not be possible. This incredible Tulsa window cleaning company is what makes this possible. Give them a call!

Part of the Job

It’s important to think of collecting debt payments as part of the window cleaning job. Technically, any time you devote to a customer in order to receive payment should be considered part of the job. Not only do you have to bid the job and then clean the windows, you have to spend your personal time collecting payment. If you have pain in the butt customers who are terrible about making payments on time, you need to add that to their price. You need to figure out how much time you’re having to spend holding their hand and walking them through the process of payment. If your hourly rate is $100 per hour and you are having to spend an hour just to collect payment, tack on an extra $100 bill. I would recommend just getting rid of the customer altogether. They are not worth all of the stress.

Getting someone on the phone.

In the last article you wrote on this topic, we revealed what we call the secret sauce. If you want to know what that is, you are going to have to look back at the last article and read it. We will even tell you where that secret sauce advice is located. It’s in the last paragraph of the last article we wrote. I believe the title is residential window cleaning. If you are having troubles collecting from the customer and you have tried the secret sauce advice, and you still can’t collect, try this. Quit calling the same person over and over again. In fact, quit calling anyone who knows who you are already. Look up the company on Google and find their General number that they give out for customers to call. They will answer because they think you are a paying customer.