Find Tulsa Window Cleaning Companies : Have you ever tried out do you window cleaning services of cleaning glass? Have you ever hired them to clean your windows and see just how clear they can make your glass? It is amazing! It’s almost as if your windows aren’t even there after they get done cleaning your windows. Eyeglasses so clear birds will literally try to fly through the window because they think there isn’t anything there. If you have been wanting to try out our window cleaning services, you need to know that there is not a better Window Cleaning company in Tulsa to serve your needs. If you are looking for an excellent Window Cleaning company, gleaming glass is the company for you. You can check them out online and get an exact quote with three different pricing packages to choose from or you can give them a call at 918-850-9798. Have you ever hired at window cleaning service that was truly amazing? Have you ever hired a window cleaning company that exceeded your expectations? If you’re in Tulsa and have never hired gleaming glass to clean your windows, there’s a good chance you’ve never experienced these things. Are window cleaning technicians go above and beyond every single day to exceed the expectations of our customers. We guarantee your glass has never been cleaned like this. If you are wanting hire a window cleaning company but you don’t have a bunch of cash laying around, or for some reason you don’t have a cash tree growing in your yard, gleaming glass might not be the company for you. We offer a premium window cleaning service at a premium price. Our customers demand quality work and we deliver. If you’re looking to just spend a couple bucks on your window cleaning service there are plenty of other when moving companies in Tulsa to choose from. However even mind not all of them offer the quality service that we offer here at gleaming glass. Are you just wanting your exterior windows clean? Gleaming glass a cleaning package just for you! It’s our basic window cleaning package that we offer to customers who are just wanting their exterior windows cleaned. Nothing special, and it’s our cheapest package. If you’re someone who likes to really keep their house clean we would recommend our premium package pricing and getting that done on a quarterly basis or semi annual basis. That way your windows will stay clean your around. If you have been searching the world wide web for Tulsa window cleaning services search no longer. Gleaming glass is the company you need to check out for all of your window cleaning service needs. Most people think about window cleaning companies as a guy with a bucket in a squeegee. In the window cleaning industry, we call these guys Bucket Bob’s. These are the fly-by-night and new cleaners that don’t carry any insurance and do a terrible job but at a cheap price. Gleaming glass is the exact opposite. We carry a million dollars and liability insurance, we do an excellent job that meets or exceeds our customers expectations, and our prices are anything but cheap. We realize our prices aren’t for everyone however we prefer to deal with people who demand quality services for premium price and are willing to pay the extra money for us to go the extra mile. If you have been wanting to get your windows clean for quite some time now, why not now? Spring is fast approaching if not already here and it’s time to get all of your spring cleaning needs taken care of. Whether you are looking for all day window cleaning services or precise window cleaning services you have to give gleaming glass a try. Gleaming glass has the most detail oriented Window Cleaning Services Tulsa has to offer. If you have any questions about the services we are here at gleaming glass, just give us a call at 918-850-9798. We look forward to hearing from you and showing you how you can get your very own instantly nucleus now on our website and schedule your cleaning all from the same web page. We recently upgraded our online instant form to include are available window cleaning dates. Within the next couple of weeks will be rolling out this new feature and potential customers will be able to see what days we have available in the future to schedule your window cleaning appointment on. Once the customer finds a day that works for them as well they can click that day and will be notified that they’d like to schedule their for new cleaning appointment for that day. We are really excited about this new feature here at gleaming glass and can’t wait to roll out the new update on our instant estimate window cleaning software. If you are looking for scratch removal services visit