glass cleaner tulsa

glass cleaner tulsa

Glass Cleaner Tulsa

When you go to start a glass cleaner Tulsa based business, something you need to keep in mind is pricing. When you are first starting out in business, pricing isn’t the eye of the beholder. Pricing also isn’t nearly as important. Furthermore, what you really want to accomplish is expanding your customer base. Consequently, this will lead to more income. As you become more and more established as a glass cleaner Tulsa Business karma you can begin to raise your pricing. Obviously, you don’t want to have your prices so low that you’re not making money. In fact, I wouldn’t even recommend trying to be the lowest priced company in Tulsa. For this reason, I would recommend finding out what your competitors are charging for window cleaning in Tulsa. After you find out how much everyone is charging, price yourself middle of the road.

Cleaning Glass in Tulsa

Another part of the business that you are going to want to consider is minimum pricing. Many window cleaners in Tulsa set a minimum price to go out and clean residential windows. They will also set a minimum commercial window cleaning price. This simply means that they will not drive anywhere to clean windows unless they are making at least hey certain amount of money. The average minimum window cleaning price in the Tulsa area is roughly $200-$300 for a residential window cleaning. For Tulsa Commercial Window Cleaning, the minimum price is typically between $50 and $100. Setting a minimum price is to prevent customers from having you out to clean just two or three windows. If you didn’t have a minimum price set, you could only charge like 20 bucks to clean those two windows. That is not even worth the gas to drive out to the job.

Tulsa Window Washing Companies Reputations

In the beginning of your business, you need to decide whether you are going to be a commercial or residential window cleaning company. It could be that you want to be a combination of both. In Tulsa, every window cleaning company has a reputation for being mostly commercial or mostly residential. There are a few glass washing companies who offer they even mixture of commercial and residential window washing. For example, I can name off at least three companies that I know of who are commercial only. I can also list off five or six local window cleaners who only clean residential windows. I can only name to window cleaners who clean an even mix of both residential and commercial windows. Once you decide which you prefer, you need to make it your goal to be the best. You need to be the best residential window cleaner there is.

Glass Cleaner in Tulsa

Most of the window washers I have personally met in the Tulsa area are great guys. They are pretty normal people with the exception of a few. Some window cleaners just give you a creepy vibe where you’re not sure if they could possibly be a criminal. Furthermore, you could be wondering if they had the potential to be a criminal. It’s just an uncomfortable position to be in whenever you are wondering thatWhile they clean your windows. I mean let’s be honest, they are just staring in all of your windows and you are trying not to make eye contact with them. Window cleaning can be an uncomfortable service to have done in your home. That is why it’s important to hire someone you trust in are comfortable with. Furthermore, you need to be able to have a peace of mind that they won’t steal anything.

Washing Windows Like a Boss

Washing windows like a boss is no easy task. Like a boss typically means somebody who excels at doing something well. It’s a cultural term used to complement someone. In this context though, I am using it to have double meaning. When I first started out my window cleaning business, I was the boss. However, I didn’t have anyone to boss around. In other words, no employees. At the start of your window washing business, you will have to wear many hats. You are going to have to wear a hat for marketing, accounting, and cleaning. That’s just the list three hats. Furthermore, I didn’t want to bore you with listing out a bunch of hats that you will have to wear. You are going to have to do everything and your business. Nobody is there to help you. You will have to do everything like a boss.

The Marketing Hat

I am still going to start going into detail about the many hats you will have to wear. We will start with the marketing hat. Any business owner out there knows that you have to market your company. When it comes to marketing glass cleaner services, all you really have to do is convince people that they need their windows cleaned. You might also want to convince them that they will personally feel better when the windows are cleaned. Say something like: clean windows will make you feel stress free. Many people aren’t interested in what you can do for them. Furthermore, I’ve heard it said that people pay for how you can make them feel. They don’t pay for how you can solve the problem. They want you to solve the problem and make them feel good. Solving the problem is a given. It is expected.

The Accounting Hat

Another hat you will have to where is the accounting yet. This hat requires you to keep track of all of your income and expenses. Cleaning windows doesn’t require a whole lot of daily expenses. You only have to make sure you’re squeegee rubber is sharp. So you will need to change out your squeegee on a daily basis. The other regular expense you will have to consider is Dawn dish soap. Both of these things are not very costly, but they will add up overtime. It is important to make sure you are keeping track of and organizing receipts for these items. Furthermore, you need to be entering these expenses into some thing like quickBooks. You can use any kind of accounting software that you would like, but here at Gleaming glass we use QuickBooks. Another window cleaning item you might be using a lot is razors.

The Glass Cleaning Hat

The Cleaning hat is the most obvious one. Obviously, you are going to have to clean windows in a glass cleaner Tulsa business. That is understood by everybody. Once getting started in this business, you expect to be doing just that. If you are not doing that, Glass is not getting cleaned. If Glass is not getting clean, then you are not doing it right. Wearing the glass cleaner tulsa hat can be irritating after having to do the other stuff as well. If you are working a full-time job and doing this on the side, it can be downright exhausting. Most guys will clean windows all day long, then come home and do the marketing and accounting. Some guys, like to do marketing by knocking on doors while out cleaning. Other window cleaners like to market their business online. A good time to market online is in the morning.

Social Media Hat

Another hat he will have to wear it’s a social media hat. Social media is becoming more and more important in the window cleaning industry. In my opinion, Instagram is the most important social media for glass cleaner tulsa. Instagram is a very visual-based app. Window Cleaning is also very visual. Obviously, those to align and complement each other well. If you want to show off your windows, You are going to need to do it with pictures and video. Take a lot of before and after photos of the clean windows. Take a before picture of the dirty window, and then take an after picture of the clean window. Put those photos side-by-side and post it to Instagram. You need to convince your customers to follow you, so that they will see your pictures. This is a great way to always keep yourself in front of customers.

Customer Management Hat

Customer management can be one of the more difficult parts of the business. This can mean doing anything from making sure your customers are happy to keeping track of all of your customers. Obviously, it is very important to make sure none of your customers are forgotten. You don’t want to accidentally forget about their window cleaning appointment. That is not a good way to keep your customers happy. If you always remember your appointments and show up on time, customers are more likely to refer you. I would recommend using some kind of customer management software. This is also known as CMS. Customer management software helps you to keep track of all of the details when it comes to customers. You’ll need to remember their preferences. Furthermore, he will need to remember all of their names and details. Details include stuff like gate codes garage codes and hidden keys.