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Employees can be a real pain in the butt. Especially if you are the owner of a tulsa glass cleaner company. Hiring employees is a little more difficult when you have a Tulsa glass cleaner Company. It’s different because you have to trust your employees to go into a customer’s home unsupervised. It’s important to have a good relationship with your employees so that you know what their character is. If you don’t have that relationship, how are you supposed to know what their character is? Consequently, if you don’t know what their character is, how can you trust them with your glass cleaner companies reputation? Handling employees in your glass cleaner company can be tricky. They are not though! All you have to do is all of these tips and tricks on how to manage your employees. This doesn’t just have to apply to glass cleaner companies though.

We went there alright!

One of the many policies we need to go over with your employees is using the restroom. This is a huge controversial issue among window cleaners. I’m not sure why, but everyone in the glass cleaner industry is at Polar Opposites of the viewpoint Spectrum on this topic. Half of these glass cleaners out there believe that it’s borderline committing an unforgivable sin if you use the restroom at a customers home. The other half of the glass cleaner industry believes it’s perfectly fine to use a customer’s restroom. After all, isn’t it just a normal human bodily function? I hate discussing this topic as much as you hate reading it, but it needs to be discussed. More importantly, it’s something you need to discuss with your employees. If you aren’t clear on this topic, how will they know how to handle things when the situation arises?

A policy on sobriety.

Another policy you need to think about before hiring is your policy on alcohol. You need to stay in your employee handbook whether or not drinking alcohol is prohibited. I’ve heard owners of other glass cleaner companies that they will have employees show up drunk for work. At the same time, I’ve also heard of companies that have had employees show up sober. Only to get drunk while on the job site. They will actually have the audacity to put alcohol in their water containers. While they’re on the job site, you think they’re just staying hydrated on a hot summer day. In reality, though, they are getting completely wasted on the customer’s property. Maybe something like this could hurt your company’s reputation indefinitely. Just imagine getting a review from a customer like that. Seeing a review like that would send me through a wall, and the employee too.

A policy for smoking in your glass cleaner company.

In your glass cleaner company, you also need to have a policy on smoking. Smoking has become a really weird topic in companies. It used to be that it was widely accepted. In fact, using the word accepted might be an exaggeration. A better word might be normal. It was almost a part of everyday life for the majority of the public in America. It seems like back in the day everybody smoked. This wasn’t just exclusive to the public. Even professionals within companies with smoke in the buildings. Now that science has revealed that smoking causes cancer, smoking now has some negative connotations to it. Smoking is no longer as widely accepted as it used to be. In fact, I’d have to say smoking is looked down upon in today’s society. You need to decide as a business owner whether or not your employees can smoke on the job.