Glass Cleaners Tulsa

Glass Cleaners Tulsa

Glass Cleaners Tulsa

The average window cleaning job in the Tulsa area should cost between $250 and $500. That is just what you can expect to pay as a customer in Tulsa. However, for the business owners out there you should be charging closer to $400-$500. Everybody gets in the business to be profitable. You start a for-profit business to make a profit. Consequently, you have to charge the right amount in order to make that profit. Indeed, in the beginning of your business this might be a little more complicated. You will have to work for less just to get customers on board and get the word spread around. Once word spreads that you are in business people will call. In short, wait to charge the more expensive rates for a year into your business. Glass cleaners Tulsa is a search term you are going to want to rank four on google.

Other Glass Cleaners in Tulsa

When starting out in the window Cleaning, don’t worry too much about your competition. The only thing you need to do is find out how much other glass cleaners in Tulsa are charging for their services. Find out who the highest price company is. Obviously, next you’ll want to find out who the lowest price company is. After you have found those two numbers, calculate the average price. Basically, you want to be priced at middle of the road for your glass cleaners in Tulsa. Above all, just make sure you are not the lowest priced company in town. It’s very important not to get that reputation for being all about low prices. What you wanna do is focus on quality of work and reliability. The people of Tulsa need to know that they can count on you to clean their windows well and show up on time.

Window Washing in Tulsa Like A Pro

When people search Google for glass cleaners Tulsa, they want to find a professional window cleaner. Obviously, you can’t consider yourself a professional window cleaner in the first couple months of cleaning windows. You need experience and time under your belt in order to clean that title. However, you can strive and practice to be a professional in this first couple of months. I would personally recommend that you either learn how to clean windows professionally on YouTube or another person. YouTube is how I learn to clean windows. What you’re first going to want to do is start off with the street pour squeegee method. This is the simplest window cleaning method available to humanity. It consists of wedding the window and then squeegeeing with straight poles. As far as technique is concerned, it doesn’t get simpler than that. Then, you should try to learn how to swivel squeegee.

Kinds of Glass Cleaners in Tulsa

In the window cleaning industry, there is a term known as a bucket Bob. This refers to the kind of window cleaner who is just cleaning windows to make a quick buck on the side. They typically charge the lowest prices in town. Furthermore, it is highly debatable as to whether or not they are even making a profit. Although, it helps that they don’t carry liability insurance. As a result, they don’t have that monthly premium to pay. So, they don’t have as much overhead expenses to worry about. These kinds of businesses typically except cash only. They are known for having low quality cleaning. Their goal is to get in and out of your business or home as fast as possible. They have to do it as fast as possible because they won’t make any money. That’s a result of charging so little money for the cleaning services.

Different Kinds Of Customers

Let’s talk about the different kinds of customers you will find in this industry. When you were offering window washing services, there are basically two types of customers. There are the customers who won’t give you any trouble or grief. This can include trouble or grief about your pricing or the quality of your cleaning. Typically, the customers who are easy-going are found in upper middle class neighborhoods. The easiest customers I’ve ever dealt with though I have the biggest homes. They aren’t as caring whenever it comes to how much money they spend on services. They just don’t have the time of day to clean the hundreds of windows on their house. They acknowledge and except the fact that they will have to hire someone and pay them decently. Otherwise, they risk hiring a bucket Bob Who might steal stuff from their home. This is a real concern.

The Other Kind of Customer

The other kind of customer wants a deal with everything you are offering. If you offer an exterior cleaning, they want to know if you are having a sale. They want to know if you are offering a bulk discount. This could refer to getting their neighbors to use your services as well. Many times I have come across customers who have neighbors that are wanting their windows cleaned as well. They will all get together and demand a lower pricing if they booked for the same dray. Here is the problem with that. If you are working by yourself, you can only clean so many homes in a day. I was a really slow window cleaner so I could only clean one house interior and exterior per day. It is possible to clean two exterior homes in a day. So, it’s of no benefit to you.

Inflation and Glass Cleaners Tulsa

Something to keep in mind I’m thinking about pricing is inflation. Inflation is a hidden tax on the American people. You may not realize it, but whenever that government prints trillions of dollars every couple months, you’re purchasing power decreases. Every time you go to the store, your $20 buys you less and less products. You need to account for the yes when thinking about your window cleaning pricing. As inflation rises, your window cleaning pricing needs to rise as well. It should match the rate of inflation. If you don’t steadily raise your prices as the government print more money, then you are technically making less money. It’s important to be economically savvy as a business owner. If you don’t stay on top of economics you will find yourself falling behind financially. We would recommend subscribing to some kind of economic podcast. Listen to it while you clean.

Glass Cleaning Safety in Tulsa

After you have made a couple thousand dollars cleaning windows with a squeegee, it is highly recommended that you do the following. Immediately purchase a water fed pole system. This will keep you off of ladders and make your company safe. Your customers will love you for it. They will no longer have to worry about you falling off a ladder on their property. This is every homeowners nightmare. Your employees will love you for it. Even if you don’t yet have employees, they will one day be grateful. In the meantime, you will love yourself for it. After you have spent a couple months climbing up and down ladders to reach second and third story windows, you will understand. It just seems so pointless and stupid to risk your life Cleaning a second or third story window. That window will only make you 10 bucks. Is it worth it?

Water Fed Pole Verses Ladders

A water fed pole is superior to a ladder. With a water fed pole, Your feet stay firmly planted on the ground. Fun fact, if your feet never leave the ground, it is impossible for you to fall to your death. On the other hand, if your feet are two stories in the air on a ladder, your chances of falling to your death increase. This is based on science and documented facts. You don’t even have to research for hours and hours. You can simply do a Google search and you will find this to be true. Ladders kill window cleaners. I don’t mean that ladders are sentient or conscious in that sense. I mean window Cleaners die from falling off of ladders in case I wasn’t clear. If you clean with a pole, you will not fall. Your insurance company will be grateful and so will your family.