Glass Cleaners | Debt Collection

Let’s talk about debt collection in his article. As glass cleaners, I am sure you have experienced the unpleasant experience of not getting paid in a timely manner. You may have wondered what you’re supposed to do in a pickle like this. This is one of many topics that are currently being discussed in the glass cleaners industry. It seems like everyone has an opinion these days. If that’s not an understatement I don’t know what it is. Everyone has a different opinion about how to go about collecting your debts. Some people say I would do it this way. Other people say they would do it another week. We are going to discuss some of the best ways to handle debt collection. I haven’t personally used all of these methods, but I’ve heard they worked for others. This is a hard conversation to have. It can be touchy.

Not getting paid is the worst!

There isn’t a worse feeling out there than knowing that you did work for which you are not compensated for. Sometimes you are just dealing with forgetful people. More often than not though, people have nefarious reasons for not paying. Most of the time, the same people called up your company to do the work knowing full well that they weren’t going to pay you. These people are what I like to call the scum of the Earth. It’s a terrible feeling knowing that your customer is just sitting there with your duly earned money, and not paying you. Wouldn’t you agree? Both you and the customer agreed on the scope of work and the amount to be paid. You followed through on your half of the deal, and now the customer isn’t holding up their end of the deal. The very same part that they agreed to.

Accepting Cash

All right, so we’ve established that this is a huge problem for glass cleaners businesses. Let’s talk about some possible solutions. One of the many solutions to handle debt collection is to never accrue the debt in the first place. You might be wondering what on Earth I’m talking about. I would recommend not giving people a chance to pay you back later. You need to aim to collect payment as soon as you have fully rendered the service. This is called getting paid at the time of service. As soon as your glass cleaners get done cleaning the customers windows, you should be collecting payment. A great way to do this is by accepting cash or credit card. If you accept cash, there is no way the customer can screw you over. You have the money in hand and that’s that. Let’s talk about checks and credit cards now.

Accepting Credit Card in your Glass Cleaners business.

Having the ability to accept credit cards in your glass cleaners business is another great solution to avoiding debt collection. By accepting credit cards, you are also able to immediately accept cash at the time of you rendering service. As your glass cleaners are finishing up with a job, and you know they’ve only got a few more windows to clean, send the customer an invoice. You’re at gleaming glass, we use QuickBooks for our invoicing service. When I know we only have a few Windows left to clean, I’ll hop on my phone and open the QuickBooks app. And then immediately send the customer an invoice that allows them to pay from their phone with a credit card. The customer is able to type in their credit card details right on the phone, and the money is then transferred to my bank account in a couple of business days.

Expect a net 30 for commercial accounts.

Finally, let’s talk about accepting checks in your glass cleaners business. Checks are a little different than credit cards and cash. Especially when you throw commercial glass cleaners into the mix. When your glass cleaners are cleaning commercial windows, more often than not, those businesses are on a net 30. This means that they expect you to give them 30 days to send your payment. In addition to the low competitive rates in the commercial window cleaning industry, this is another reason I dislike commercial accounts. It takes forever to receive payment for most businesses. 30 days might not seem like a long time, but when you need to buy equipment for your employees, every day counts. It could be that you just hired a new employee and you need to buy another water fed Pole. If you only claim the residential accounts, you would have the money to purchase.