Glass Cleaning Companies

For all the owners of glass cleaning companies out there, it’s important to have a policy on debt collection. Debt collection might be too strong of a word to use here. For example, in this article, we are going to be discussing more along the lines of payment collection. Here is an example of what I mean. Say you have a commercial account that is on a net 30, and it’s been 35 days since your glass cleaning companies cleaned their windows. What would you do at this point? What would you do when 40 days have passed and they still have not sent payment? Furthermore, what would you do if 90 days have come and gone, and you still have not received payment in the mail? These are all too common scenarios that owners of tulsa glass cleaning companies face on a daily basis. Let’s talk about some solutions.

Collecting that money.

After glass cleaning companies clean windows for a commercial account, it’s good practice to follow up with the customer and make sure they received your invoice. A good time to do this might be a week or two after your glass cleaning companies clean their windows. There’s always the chance that you wrote down their email wrong, or maybe even their address. It’s best to errĀ in the customers’ favor and rule out all possible mistakes on your end. Maybe you just forgot to send the invoice altogether. Another example of this could be your invoice going to their spam folder. I have personally had this happen on multiple occasions. I will follow up with the customer and see if they received the invoice. Upon doing so, I’ll discover that the customer never received it. I will then tell them when I sent the email, and they will find it.

Day 30

If the 30 rolls around on a net 30 account, and you still haven’t received payment, it might be time to contact the customer again. I should rephrase that. It’s not a question of if you should contact the customer. You should contact the customer. If you have not received payment by day 30 there is a good chance you aren’t ever going to receive payment unless you follow up with them. No receipt of payment on day 30 typically means that the customer either forgot or they never received the invoice. Those are the two most likely reasons. However, you should have ruled out the second reason by following up after the week of cleaning. That leaves only two likely scenarios left. The first being they forgot, and the second being they just don’t plan on paying you. It’s important to distinguish the two. You must follow up!

Distinguishing the two.

If you follow up with a customer by sending them an email or giving them a phone call it’s pretty easy to see what their motives are. It’s they are ignoring all of your calls and emails, they more than likely are trying to avoid payment. This is something I like to call nefarious. They do not have good intentions when avoiding your calls and emails. If the customer simply forgot to pay you, they would most likely return your phone calls and emails. Then you would most likely apologize immediately and do their best to remedy the situation. If I have a customer that is avoiding me because of payment issues, I will put them on a blacklist. You should also maintain a blacklist of customers that you refuse to service anymore. It’s important to remember which people are not worth dealing with in your glass cleaning companies.