Glass Cleaning Company Tulsa

Glass Cleaning Company Tulsa

Glass Cleaning Company Tulsa

If you are looking for a glass cleaning company in Tulsa, there is no need to look any further. All you need to do is go to our customer reviews page. Our customer reviews page is full of glass cleaning company tulsa customer testimonials. These people are just like you! They search Google for the best window cleaning company in Tulsa. They’ve been found Gleaming glass and read our customer reviews. After reading our copious amounts of customer reviews, the only possible outcome is for you to hire us. Are these glass cleaning reviews will blow your socks off. In fact, if any person living in Tulsa reads this, we’ll make a deal. If you read this and do the following, we will give you 10% off your window cleaning service. Post a video or audio recording of you reading through all of our customer reviews.

The window cleaning review challenge

Do you know what? I have an even better idea! I am going to make this window cleaning review thing a challenge! Furthermore, I am going to make the discount much greater! Instead of 10% discount off of our window washing services, I will offer 25% off! Here are the instructions to qualify for 25% off your next window cleaner service. Make your way over to our customer reviews page on our website. Next, make a screen recording of you reading off our customer reviews. In order to qualify for the full 25% off, You have to read every review on our website. We estimate that this will take somewhere around 5 to 10 minutes. Additionally, you will then need to upload that video to YouTube or your social media page. Facebook is the preferred social media platform for uploading the video.

Goals of the window cleaner review challenge

Our goal for the glass cleaner challenge is to make your friends and family more aware of our great reviews. Great testimonials are hard to come by in the window cleaning industry. Especially, if you have a class cleaning company in Tulsa. It requires constantly reminding your customer at the end of their cleaning. The best way to get a bunch of reviews and testimonials for your website is the following. As you finish cleaning their windows, send them a link to leave a Google review. This gives them time to compose a testimonial while you are still on their property. If by the end of the cleaning they still haven’t left a review, you can bring it to their attention. Furthermore, you can remind them that they still need to write the review if they feel comfortable.

How to get more reviews for Window Cleaning

And the trick to getting the most amount of reviews possible is doing great work. You need to make sure that every window is cleaned to near perfection. Quality services Will go a long way in getting your customer to write a Google testimonial. At the beginning of the cleaning, ask the customer what their expectations are for the day. They might say stuff like they want you to take your shoes off when you are walking through the house. Furthermore, they might want you to vacuum out all of their windowsills. Additionally, some customers will want all of the spiderwebs removed from their screens. I would recommend finding out the customers expectations and then delivering on those expectations. Even more so, I would recommend exceeding those expectations. If you just meet the expectations they won’t be impressed.

Third-party services for collecting reviews

There are many third-party services and software you can use to more effectively accumulate customer reviews. There are even some companies that help window cleaning companies specifically. One of the services that I used was nice job. Nice job is one of the best reviewed generating services out there in my opinion. In fact, it was made specifically for window cleaning. They got their start in the window washing industry and then branched out to every other service-based business. Here is how nice job works. Actually, I’m going to save the explanation for the next paragraph because this one is getting kind of long. I will go over the process of sending the link to your customer and following up with them. Nice job even has an automated program where you can remind the customer automatically. Reminders just gets sent to the customer automatically.

Using nice job in your glass cleaning company Tulsa

The first thing you need to do is set up an account with nice job. They are a subscription-based service that requires you to pay monthly. Furthermore, I don’t believe they require you to sign a contract for a year of use. I’m fairly certain that you can quit at any time you want. In addition, I am under the assumption that they also offer a moneyback guarantee. You literally have nothing to lose by trying out their service. I guarantee that you will get more customary views than you have ever received. Once you sign up for the service, enter the customers email or phone number into the software. It will then automatically send a invite to the customer requesting a review. If they enjoyed your window cleaning service, they will leave you a window washing review.

Automated reminders

My favorite part about the software and service that nice job offers is the automated reminders feature. If your customer forgets to fill out the review on Google after the first time you send it, there is no need to worry. Furthermore, there is also no need to remember to remind them. Running a window cleaning business in Tulsa can be hectic. You can’t remember to follow up with every customer. It’s just not possible. You’ll clean windows all day in the hot sun, and by the time you get home you will be so tired you want to go to sleep. You are not going to be thinking about sending out reminders to your customers. That is what is so great about the nice job service. You can set the frequency at which the customer will receive a reminder to fill out a review. The whole thing is slick.

Automating Your Glass Cleaning Company Tulsa

Similar to the automation of collecting reviews, we recommend that you automate every part of your business that is possible. As you begin to automate more and more parts of your business, it will be more profitable and stress-free. It is a great way to get rid of responsibilities for repetitive tasks that don’t require your attention at all times. If it can be automated, do it.The first automation system that I would recommend implementing is hiring an employee. Hiring an employee he’s kind of a weird way of automating the window cleaning portion of your business. Obviously, if you own any glass cleaning company Tulsa, you are going to have to clean glass. At the start of your business, that person has to be you. However, if you hire someone else to do it, it is now automated. Meaning, you are not actively doing it or using your time.

Hiring as Early as Possible

I wish I had hired my first window cleaner employees much earlier in my business. After starting your glass cleaning company in Tulsa, you should hire someone as soon as possible. The last time you’re spending in the sun cleaning windows the better. You can’t be using that time to market your business and gain more customers. If you don’t hire Glass cleaner employees, you technically just own a job. And you don’t really on a business until you are no longer doing the work or physical labor. I would consider owning a business to be the act of running the business side of things. If you are having to physically labor in your business, you just own a job. The American dream is to simply run a business. However, I would consider owning a job much better than working for somebody else. At least you control your time.

The Final Paragraph

This glass cleaning article is getting kind of long so I am going to wrap it up with his paragraph. I would like to start off by summarizing everything we have discussed so far. The best thing you can do when running any business system automate as much as you can. Once a majority of the time sucking tasks are automated, you will free up more time to run your business efficiently. If you have dreams of your glass cleaning company in Tulsa succeeding, automation is key. Do not wait until you are three or four years into your business to automate. Automation requires you delegating authority and trust to make decisions to other people. As a business owner, your business is kind of like your child. It’s hard to trust somebody else to take care of it. Whenever you delegate responsibility to somebody else, it can be really hard.