Glass Cleaning Company

Let’s talk about terms of payment for your tulsa glass cleaning company. One of the many reasons that I dislike commercial window cleaning is the amount of time it takes to get paid. Typically with most commercial accounts, you can expect to have to wait 30 days before you receive payment. As I was typing these last couple of sentences, I just realized I need to collect payment from a customer. I cleaned their windows 32 days ago and they are on a net 30. Meaning, they are two days late for a payment. The only reason I remembered was that I’m writing this article. If that’s not case in point, I don’t know what it is. How ironic is that! I’m writing an article about debt collection and payment terms, and I’m currently experiencing the very same scenario. This just shows how prevalent this problem is.

Commercial work is less than desirable.

Now that I have brought up that commercial job I recently did, that I did not receive payment for, let’s talk about this further. While I was doing the commercial cleaning for this new business, I promised myself I wasn’t going to underbid these jobs anymore. Sometimes you just have to under the jobs just to get the work. This is a necessary evil in the beginning of your business, and even after you’re established. If you are an established glass cleaning company, it might be that you have to good jobs low in the winter. You’ll find that as you grow your glass cleaning company, there isn’t as much work to be found in the winter. I personally like to use the winter time to work on my business instead of in my business. In the next paragraph, I’ll expand on what that might look like.

Using the winter months to work on the business.

Cleaning windows for your glass cleaning company is not that fun of a job to begin with. Furthermore, if you throw in cold weather to the mix, it becomes even less fun. In fact, I would go as far as to say it becomes miserable. All kinds of things go wrong whenever it’s really cold outside and you’re trying to clean glass. For starters, water and soap can freeze on the glass before you have the chance to squeegee It Off. Your fingertips will go numb if you don’t have proper gloves. I can expound for the rest of the day, but the point is it’s miserable. In my opinion, a better use of my time would be to optimize my website so that my tulsa glass cleaning company is able to attract more customers for spring. I’d rather be super busy during spring, then have to work in winter.

Writing blogs about your glass cleaning company.

Writing blogs about your glass cleaning company is a strange concept. It’s weird to talk to yourself in a secluded room about what it is you do for a living. More than likely, most of these blog entries won’t even be read by another human being. However, Google’s Bots that crawl the web will most definitely read these articles. Ironically, that is my target audience. A bot that Google designed to scour the whole web on a daily basis. Google has Bots that read through every single website on a daily basis. This is how a search engine gathers all of the data on the internet. When you do a Google search, the search results you see consist only of what that Google bot found on the internet the previous day. It’s important to constantly be uploading new content to your website to please these Google bots.