glass cleaning tulsa

glass cleaning tulsa

Glass Cleaning Tulsa

When starting a glass cleaning Tulsa based business, you need to make sure you are consistent. Consistent with getting your company name and face in front of potential customers. I recommend marketing to storefronts in strip malls. That way, you can go door to door and increase your chances of getting customers. As soon as you get a no, head to the next business. Don’t give up until most of the businesses are a customer of yours! Furthermore, if they tell you that they are not interested in your glass cleaning tulsa services, don’t give up. Show up to their business at least once every week to let them know you exist. Also, to inform them about the services you offer. The more frequently you keep your name and face in front of the customer, the better. Furthermore the customer will be more likely to call you for window cleaning.

Starting A Tulsa Glass Cleaning Company

When starting a glass cleaning tulsa based company, you need to keep hiring in mind. As you grow more busy and profitable, you will eventually need to think about hiring employees. While you are working by yourself, you will notice just how honest of a person you need to be as a window cleaner. Furthermore it’s important to have high integrity.I have had many customers who need to leave half way through the cleaning. They will have me lock up the doors and set the alarm after I get done cleaning their windows. It’s important that the customer is able to trust the glass Cleaning tulsa company. If you can gain the customers trust, they will use you for all of their glass Cleaning needs. You don’t want to put your customer in a position where they can’t trust an employee you hired. They might not hire you again.

Washing Tulsa With Integrity

In addition to the customer needing to trust you, you also need to trust your employee. Your employee is going to be in your window cleaning customers’ bedroom and closets. Many customers keep their valuables such as jewelry and guns in their closets and rooms. Consequently, you need to be able to trust that your employee isn’t going to steal anything from your customers. Then it becomes you’re employees word against theirs. Obviously you don’t want to be put in that position as a business owner. It’s best to just start off on the right foot and hire ethical people. People with high integrity and great character. You can train anyone to work in a glass cleaning tulsa based business. Obviously you can’t train honesty or good character. As a result, hire for character, not glass Cleaning skills. Furthermore I’ve heard of business owners regretting hiring a thief.

Other Tulsa Window Washing Companies

Most of the glass Cleaning and window cleaning companies in tulsa have trustworthy employees. If you are looking to hire a window washing company in tulsa, we would recommend reading the window cleaning reviews first. Furthermore, you should sit down and do a one on one interview with every employee that could be working in your home. Furthermore we also advise having them do a lie detector test. If they pass the test you can hire them. If they fail the test, then don’t hire them. It would also be fun to set up cameras all over the house to try to catch them stealing stuff. After you catch them on camera, you could call up a local news station and do an expose on glass cleaning companies in tulsa. We here at Gleaming Glass would pass being put on a hidden camera with flying colors.

The Downsides to Window Cleaning in Tulsa

Cleaning Windows in Tulsa can be a very difficult job. Obviously the weather gets very hot in tulsa. Temperatures can exceed 100 degrees. Furthermore the humidity can be so high it feels like you are jumping into a swimming pool when you walk outside. it is the craziest thing. Sometimes it just feels like it is raining constantly, only the rain never falls to the ground. it just stays suspended in the air at all times. Sometime it car interfere with the window cleaning process. After you squeegee a window, the window can fog up because of all the moisture in the air. That can get really annoying and time consuming when it comes to detailing with a window washing towel. Obviously, when you go to wipe off the moisture with a window cleaning towel, the moisture spreads on the glass. Sometimes you have to re-clean the window.