Glass Cleaning in Tulsa

In your tulsa glass cleaning company, it’s okay to have friendly relationships with your employees. However, you still need to remember that those employees are just there for their paycheck. It’s pretty rare to find an employee that cares as much about your business as you do. In fact, I would say it’s pretty much near impossible. You need to remember that you’re still the boss. It’s important to always remember that they won’t care about the business as much as you do. They are just there for the money. Even if you offer them a great job. The fact is that nobody likes to clean windows. If you disagree with this statement, feel free to send me an email. No employee likes to clean windows so much that they would be willing to do it for free. If you take away pay, they will leave your glass cleaning company.

Glass Cleaning Paycheck

If you are new to the business and disagree with what was said in the last paragraph, that’s fine. You will be in the realize though that everybody is in this industry to make money. Nobody is in the tulsa glass cleaning industry for the sole purpose of glass cleaning. Just admit it, you started this window cleaning business to make money. By the same token, I started my glass cleaning company to make money. It could be that you are cleaning glass because of the lifestyle it provides you. Lifestyle still comes back to money though. That is still the main reason you are in the glass cleaning industry. Would you expect employees to be any different? If you don’t enjoy cleaning glass as the owner of the business, how can you expect your employees to? No matter how awesome your glass cleaning business is, this is a fact.

Show me the money!

Even if you go to the extremes, this simple fact learning true. Employees are just there for a paycheck. You can do everything in your power to make your business awesome. Some employers put ping pong tables in their shop for their glass cleaning company. Other glass cleaning business owners will put pool tables in the shop. Even still, there are guys that will play music in their shop all day long. None of this makes a difference though. The only reason your employees are showing up for work is for that paycheck. Ultimately, that is what they are most loyal to. They aren’t loyal to you. If you take away that paycheck, you can expect them to be gone in a heartbeat. It always comes back to money. They are just not there for the fun of it. Glass cleaning is not considered fun by most people’s standards.

Put yourself in their shoes

To demonstrate this, you need to put yourself in their shoes. For example, let’s say you didn’t own a business. Let’s say you worked for another employer. Pretend that every day you showed up for work and there was awesome things to do. Your employer head ping pong tables, pool tables, and cool music playing all the time. That’s all very cool, but if you throw in another Factor it sure is not. Let’s say your employer doesn’t pay you on time every week. Some weeks, he doesn’t pay you at all. Would you stay at this job very long? There are plenty of other glass cleaning companies out there that offer timely payments. Why stick out of glass cleaning company that doesn’t pay you on time? There are plenty of other fish in the sea. It’s important to remember these words whenever you begin employing other people.

Other factors of employment

It could be that payment isn’t the only reason an employee is choosing to stick with your company. Payment will always be a huge Factor. However, there are other reasons people sick around companies. It could be that they like how their boss treats them. Another reason employees by sick round is for the atmosphere. Furthermore, not every boss is going to be able to pay more than the next glass cleaning company. However, they can offer an awesome atmosphere to make up for the lack of payment. The employer can also go out of their way to make the employees feel like they are valued and appreciated. On the other hand, you could consider the exact opposite. It could be that that employee just left another job where they were getting paid a lot more. However, at that other job, they weren’t valued or respected.