Jenks Professional Window Cleaning

I find it funny when window cleaning companies in Jenks Market themselves as a Jenks Professional Window Cleaning Company. It used to be that every business marketed themselves as being the most professional. However, when every business is guilty of marketing themselves like this, everybody looks the same. Not everyone can be the most professional if everyone else is claiming the same thing. If you are a Jenks window cleaner and you are marketing yourself as a Jenks professional window cleaning company, stop. Take my word for it. Marketing this way is not doing you any favors. It’s important that you find a way to set yourself apart. You need to find a way to make your company look unique. In order to do this, you actually have to be unique. Either that or you have to be the best at something. Here at Gleaming Glass, we are both.

Being the best

We have found that our number of five-star reviews far exceeds that of the competition. As a result, that’s the way we market our business. We present ourselves to potential customers on Google as being the most highly reviewed window cleaners in Jenks. This is something that is verifiable and can be proven. If we were to say that we are the most professional Window Cleaning company in Jenks, that’s hard to prove. Nobody knows what you mean when you say that you are offering Jenks professional window cleaning services. Professional is kind of this vague term that has multiple meanings. Reputable though is easily defined. Everybody knows reputable means to have a good reputation. We are able to prove this to potential customers by showing them all of the five-star reviews we have accumulated. If necessary, we can send out a link that leads to our reviews.

Being unique

In addition to having the best reputation among Jenks professional window cleaning companies, we also are unique. We are the only Window Cleaning company in Jenks that has a bubble machine mounted to their truck. Mounting a bubble machine to our truck is our Purple Cow. Whenever somebody sees bubbles when they’re driving, they will one day instantly know that gleaming glass is near. We hope to use our bubble machine so much that people begin associating bubbles with our business. All the other window cleaning companies in Jenks in the greater Tulsa area are just driving in normal trucks. That’s right, normal boring trucks. What fun is that?! Not only do they lack the fun Factor, they are not memorable in any way. There’s nothing more memorable and seeing bubbles come out of a truck. In fact, we have even had people take pictures and videos of our truck.