Jenks Window Cleaner

It’s important for you to focus on your own business and where you are headed as a Jenks window cleaner. Too many Jenks window cleaners out there are focused on their competition. That’s all I think about! They are constantly trying to one-up the competition. As a consequence, they are not able to build their own identity and branding. If you make your company just like every other Jenks window cleaner company out there, why should anybody choose your company? If there’s no difference between your company and there’s but the price, the price is going to be the only factor in their decision. You must be a unique Jenks window cleaner. If you are not memorable you are forgettable. If you are struggling to come up with something that makes your company memorable, I would recommend reading Purple Cow by Seth Godin. That should inspire you to get moving.

Value versus Price

Before you decided to become a Jenks window cleaner, you should have decided what kind of company you were going to be. Here at gleaming glass, I decided to emphasize value rather than price. My ideal and likely buyer is somebody who would rather pay a little more for a good job than just get their windows cleaned for the cheapest price. As a result, that is who I am actively marketing to. I’m not saying it’s wrong to do after people that value the lowest price, I just think it’s harder to do it that way. You are also dealing with different caliber people when you deal with price shoppers. Price shoppers typically want everything for nothing. They want to be able to pay the bare minimum price and still get the best service available. The nature of capitalism prohibits this. You must pay more for greater value.

Like Minded Referrals

After you target your ideal and likely buyers, you will inevitably end up cleaning windows for those people. If those people are cheap and just want the lowest price, they will likely have friends with the same viewpoints. It’s basically a never-ending trap. I found myself caught in this trap right around my fifth year in business. I began realizing that I was becoming very popular with a type of customer that I didn’t enjoy servicing. I found that the only way out of this trap was to significantly raise my prices. Eventually, I was able to get out of it. It might feel counter-intuitive to price yourself out of jobs, but it will pay off in the long run. Once you establish yourself as a premium Jenks window cleaner service, your business will flourish. Not only will people call you for your reputation, they will pay you more too.

Collecting Reviews

Collecting online reviews for your Jenks window cleaner company is becoming more and more important. If you decided to make your company a price based company, it’s going to be hard to get quality online reviews. Bye offering window cleaning services at the cheapest price possible, you aren’t going to have enough time to do a good job. If you are only charging a customer $150 to clean their whole house, you shouldn’t be spending more then 2 hours on that job. That’s why charging a premium price for a premium service works out better. In my opinion, you can’t do an excellent job if you have to clean the windows on a whole house in under 2 hours. While my competition may charge $150, I would charge $300 to clean that same house. By doing so, I have two hours more than they do to make the windows shine.