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I wouldn’t recommend reading the rest of this article : ) It was just published to help our website rank higher on google, and does not apply to our customers in any way.

It is extremely hard to start a window cleaning business in Jenks. I’m not just singling out Jenks or the window cleaning field as a whole. It’s hard to start your own business, period! You need to realize that you aren’t going to know how to do everything. This is especially true on the business side of things. It only took me a couple of months to learn the window cleaning side of things. Learning to be a window cleaner is not very hard. This is especially true nowadays with YouTube. Be that as it may, it still takes time and patience to learn the trade. The very first thing you need to learn how to do is fan a window with a squeegee.

Business Cards

As soon as you have learned how to properly clean a window, it’s time to get the word out. You need to make sure that you can clean a window without any streaks from the squeegee. You are just wasting marketing dollars if you can’t properly clean a window. It’s incredibly important to get that part mastered first. When I say master, I just mean get to the point where you’re cleaning results are acceptable for a customer to pay you. Once you are to that point, you need to invest in some business cards and hand them out to everyone you know. This is the quickest way to jump-start your business. Be prepared to be rejected a lot! This is true for both residential and Commercial window cleaning. Just remember, all of the other Jenks window cleaners had to go through this tough process.

Jenks Window Cleaners Websites

It used to be that all you needed to do was stand up business cards. That’s no longer the case now. In addition to getting business cards made you need to creat a website. When I first started my window cleaning business, I created and designed my own website. At the time, I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Looking back now though, it was terrible! That said though, I would recommend you do the same thing. As the owner of a Jenks window cleaners company, it’s important to know how every aspect of your business works. Your website falls under the marketing category of your business. If you don’t understand how your website works, you are screwed. It’s important to eventually have your website made professionally by a company, but not right away in my opinion.

Search Engine Optimization

Passing out business cards to get people to visit your website is important. Building an appealing website that is also functional is important as well. However, I would argue that search engine optimization it’s just as crucial to the success of your business. The majority of people searching for Jenks window cleaners are searching Google for window cleaning services. If you don’t know search engine optimization, then your website will not show up on Google. What good is a beautiful functioning website if it will never be seen by a single potential customer? Your website needs to be on the first page of Google at least. I’d like to emphasize that that is the very least you need to accomplish. Ideally, you should aim to be on page one at the very top. When people in Jenks are searching Google for Jenks window cleaners, they won’t scroll very far.