Jenks Window Cleaning Company

This article’s purpose is to increase the number of people that see our website on google. Consequently, If you searched google for Jenks Window Cleaning Company or something similar, there’s a good chance this page popped up! If you are needing to get a window cleaning estimate, feel free to reach out! Furthermore, I wouldn’t recommend reading the rest of this article : ) It was just published to help our website rank higher on google, and does not apply to our customers in any way.

If there ever comes a point where you are depressed in your Jenks window cleaning company, it’s important to not stay there. You don’t want to be comfortable with mediocrity. When you first started your Jenks window cleaning company you most likely dreamed of what it could look like. You probably had dreams of how big you were going to grow it. Don’t settle for anything less. The moment you settle for a smaller dream, you are going to suffer the consequences of cognitive dissonance. Ultimately, you’ll end up being depressed for a long period of time. Success in your business directly affects your stress levels and even how happy you are as a person. If you are not happy about where your tulsa window cleaning company is at, do something about it! More importantly, do something about it before it begins to affect your relationships.

Don’t get comfortable in your Jenks Window Cleaning Company.

Comfort in your Jenks window cleaning company will breed mediocrity. As soon as you start feeling comfortable, do something that will take your business to the next level. When you feel comfortable in your business, you won’t strive for greater success anymore. As a result, you will just stay stagnant and content with where you’re at. For some people, that’s all right. It could be that that’s all they wanted whenever they first started this business. To be content. For the majority of us though, we have dreams of building this business to the point that it can be sold. I know I would like to sell my Jenks Window Cleaning company someday. Every day, I’m working to get closer to achieving and realizing that dream. I refuse to settle for the current state of my tulsa window cleaning company. You need to have the same attitude as well.

Know what your WHY is.

For Luke, he discovered that his why, was his future wife. Whenever he met Reanna, she suddenly had the inspiration to get back to work and grow his company. It is important to know why you are doing something. If you don’t know why you started your Jenks window cleaning company, you are like a car without a steering wheel. Essentially, you know that you want to move forward. Ironically though, you just don’t know in which direction you want to move forward. You must also define why you have headed that direction. Ironically, I started my window cleaning company so I didn’t have to physically work the rest of my life. My dad has worked for Southwest Airlines his whole life doing physical labor. His body has completely worn down, and he moves slowly now. I don’t want that to be me.

Understanding what the customer means by “No”

In a previous article, we discussed how important it is to never give up. Perseverance is everything when it comes to building your Jenks window cleaning company. I had mentioned that for every 20 to 30 people you asked, maybe one will want to use your window cleaning services. It’s important that you don’t misunderstand what the customer means by no. You must understand that a customer isn’t rejecting you personally. Obviously, they are just rejecting the services you are offering. Don’t take it personally my friend. You must realize that this is not a personal conversation. Furthermore, it’s all business. Arguably, if you are wearing tattered clothes that don’t fit right, flip-flops, and you are smoking, it might be that they are saying no to you personally.