Jenks Window Washing

As I am listening to this podcast about Luke the window cleaners’ background, I feel like I am listening to my own story. He goes on to say that he’s been in business for 8 years. However, it feels weird saying that because the first couple of years were part time. Then, after he went full-time Jenks window washing, he was kind of lazy and depressed. The first couple of years in business are the hardest. I can totally relate with Luke the window cleaner on this point. In the beginning of your Jenks window washing business, you put everything you have into it. You throw so much of yourself into it that you get burned out fast with little success. After that, depression and laziness start sinking in. Your body recognizes how much work you put in, and how little reward there was as a result.

Fighting through the depression stage in your Jenks Window Washing business.

It takes an insane person, also known as an entrepreneur, to continue giving it your all with no immediate upside. In my opinion, this is probably why most businesses fail in their second or third year. In the beginning of your Jenks window washing business, you will work harder than you have ever worked in your life. As a result, you’ll make a decent amount of money. Most likely, it’ll be enough to pay the bills but not much more. This is the point in the business where it makes and breaks people. You must choose to continue fighting at this point or you will fail. It’s important you keep in mind that your reward will come later on in the business. Basically, you just have to accept the fact that you are a slave to the business or the first couple of years. Don’t worry though, it gets better!

No money for Marketing your Jenks Window Washing business.

The easiest times to get depressed are when the phone is not ringing. You will begin to wonder why nobody is calling you to get their windows cleaned. Well, I’ll tell you why nobody’s calling you. It’s because you are not doing enough marketing! Herein lies the second fatal problem. This is another wall you will hit early on your business. You will realize that the reason people aren’t calling you is that they don’t know you exist. They have no idea that you own a Jenks window washing company. Even if they did, they probably wouldn’t know how to contact your Jenks window washing company. At this point, you will realize that marketing is the answer to your current problem. Only, when you begin to look into the costs of marketing, you will get depressed all over again. Marketing is expensive! Yet it’s the only way to succeed.

Getting Used to being told “No”

At this point, you the reader are probably thinking why would anyone want to start a Jenks window washing company. Well, it gets worse before it gets better! The Jenks window washing business owner has now realized that he must Market in order to make the phone ring. That’s a great start. It truly is! However, after he realizes that marketing is too expensive to afford at this point in the business, he must find a way to market for free. The only method of marketing that is free is just getting the word out by going door-to-door in neighborhoods and business complexes. Guess what? It’s time to get depressed all over again. Prepare your emotions and thoughts for the onslaught of rejections that are about to unfold. For every 20 or 30 people you talk to about using your Jenks window washing services, you might get one “yes”.