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In the last article we posted, we talked about different methods and tricks to collect outstanding invoices. I forgot to type up one of the more important methods for collecting payment. I thought I would take the first paragraph of this article to do just that. If you are having troubles getting ahold of anyone on the phone, this is for you. It might be time to contact the boss of whoever you’re trying to get a hold of. If your customer is just getting phone calls from some Tulsa glass cleaner company, they aren’t likely to take you seriously. However, if you were to get in touch with their boss or parent company, the Paradigm will start to shift. After you get ahold of the boss or parent company, they will contact the company you’re trying to collect payment from. This lights a fire under your customer.


Chances are, they are boss took a decent amount of time reprimanding them. Another way to phrase it would be that their boss spent a couple of minutes motivating them to call you. They probably went through all of the terrible things that would happen to the responsible employee if they did not submit payment right away. They were probably warned that if they did not get that check out to you yesterday, it’s possible that you could take legal action. All of this would result in a firing of that employee who is refusing to return your phone calls. In my opinion, if you don’t hear back from a company within a week, it might be time to employ this method. Simply call out the boss or parent company and let them know that you will be escalating this to legal action in a small claims court.

Lawyer Letter

If you try all of the methods we talked about in this article and previous articles, and none of it works, it might be time to start taking it a little more seriously. It might be time to let your customer know that you are more serious about collecting this payment. The Next Step in collecting payment would be to pay a lawyer to write up a letter from their Law Firm letting your customer know what’s up. You let her would say something like, “gleaming glass has contacted us to pursue this debt. If you do not cut a check immediately, we will take further action against your company.” This official letter from a law firm should motivate them to pay. Most people don’t have a good understanding of the law. People fear what they don’t understand. They fear the penalties.

Lien Against a Property

If the letter from your lawyer doesn’t scare them it might be time to get a lien against their property. Basically, a property lien is a claim or right to a certain amount of money when a property is sold. Typically property liens are used to ensure that a contractor is paid by the customer. More often than not, property liens aren’t filed unless several hundred or several thousand dollars are owed. This is basically the last step you can take in trying to collect payment for your outstanding invoices. You can always take someone to small claims court. However, that’s rarely worth the stress and money that entails. You can take someone to small claims court as long as the amount owed is less than $7,500. Typically, most Tulsa glass cleaner jobs all within that about. Residential Tulsa glass cleaner jobs definitely cost less than that.