Tulsa Glass Cleaners

Sometimes, Tulsa glass cleaners may find it necessary to fire customers. I remember the first time I heard about firing customers. It’s a weird concept. When you think of someone getting fired you typically think of an employee. However, as a business owner, you must also fire your customers. Some customers are just a pain in the butt. Even after doing a great job, they will still find things wrong with your work. I have had customers call me back for completely bogus reasons. Reasons like their windows failing due to bad seals. This is something that happens to every homeowner whether they get their windows cleaned or not. The homeowner just couldn’t see that the windows and failed prior to my cleaning. This is typically because the windows are so dirty you can’t tell. I have also had customers call me back for marks inside the window.

Luke the Window Cleaner

I’m going to completely switch topics here. I just got done watching one of Luke the window cleaners video. In this video, he tries out a new Swivel attachment for water fed poles. The attachment is made by Tucker, which is one of many suppliers to the window cleaning industry. Luke the window cleaner does an incredible job showcasing what it’s like to be a window cleaner. Luckily, he’s not one of them any Tulsa glass cleaners out there in my area. I’m sure he is a fierce business competitor. I have a lot of respect for window cleaners who make their own YouTube channels about window cleaning. To be completely honest, I lack the confidence to start a similar YouTube channel. I think it would be cool to still do something similar one day. I still might do it just later on in my business.

Luke’s Background as a Glass Cleaner

Luke started out working at a fast food restaurant. He worked there with a friend of his, and they both wanted to start their own thing. Fortunately for me, they didn’t start a Tulsa glass cleaners business. They did, however, start a glass cleaner business in their own area. Luke later goes on to say that that was one of the big mistakes he has made. In my opinion, I don’t believe anyone should start a business with another friend or family member. Even hiring friends and family members is borderline risky. Whenever you bring friends and family into the business, you run the risk of ruining the relationships. If there ever comes a time when they are underperforming and you need to fire them, you will hesitate. This is only to preserve the relationship. Just like me, they started out with a squeegee and some business cards.

Bucket Bobs | Tulsa Glass Cleaners

They initially started out marketing to storefront businesses to get that quick and easy repeat business. Not long after though, their Business Partnership started to dissolve. It ended up not working out so well, so Luke decided to venture out on his own. Like the rest of us, Luke went on to learn some hard lessons. He had a major problem with undercharging and just being your average bucket Bob. Bucket Bob is a term used in the window cleaning industry to describe the fly-by-night guys looking to make some extra money. Typically, bucket bobs have no intention of growing a business or hiring employees. Therefore, they tend to price jobs really low and steal accounts from other legit window cleaning businesses. Luke the window cleaner admits he was the epitome of a bucket Bob while he charged $5 on average for storefronts. I was once that guy too!