Tulsa glass cleaning companies

Tulsa glass cleaning companies

Tulsa Glass Cleaning Companies – Marketing

Above all, when starting your Tulsa glass cleaning companies, you need to make a decision. Do you want to be a residential Tulsa glass cleaning company or commercial? They both have their pros and cons. Certainly, residential window cleaning is much more lucrative. By lucrative I mean profitable. Indeed, commercial window cleaning will help pay the bills during the winter months.However, commercial window cleaning isn’t great during warm months. In fact, you will probably learn to dislike commercial window cleaning. It’s just not nearly as profitable as residential window cleaning. This means that you are wasting time at commercial window cleaning jobs. You could be making more money window cleaning homes. Obviously the commercial window cleaning accounts are still worth keeping. With this in mind, you will be glad you kept them once winter comes. It’s weird that residential window cleaning stops during winter months.

Commercial Tulsa Glass Cleaning Companies

If you choose to go the commercial window cleaning route, here is what you need to do. Find an area in Tulsa with a bunch of strip malls. Specifically strip malls where stores have dirty windows. Finally, knock on every single door of every business that has dirty windows. Walk in and introduce yourself as one of the tulsa glass cleaning companies. Ask them if they are in need of a window cleaner. If they say no, point out their dirty windows. Consequently, they will realize that their windows are dirty. Clearly they need a window cleaner. Moreover, they might even need their windows cleaned on a weekly or monthly basis. Tulsa glass cleaning companies tend to clean windows on a Weekly or monthly basis for commercial window cleaning. If they still say they don’t want your services, at least give them your business card.

Marketing Your Commercial Tulsa Window Cleaning

After you have given them your business card, be sure to follow up with him. In fact, you need to contact them every week to keep your name in front of their eyes. Should get to the point where they know you want to first name basis as soon as you walk in. They should associate your name and image with Window Cleaning. there will come a day whenever they realize that they have dirty windows. Equally important, they will realize their customers don’t want to see dirty windows. Consequently, they will do a Google search for Tulsa glass cleaning companies. You don’t want them to do that Google search. It will likely result in them choosing another Tulsa window cleaning company. In conclusion, you want them to remember your name and face. That way, they will call you whenever they need their windows cleaned.

Tulsa Window Cleaning Sales Script

Whenever you walk into a store front, here is a script you can use. Start off by introducing yourself. Say my name is Garrett and I’m the owner of Tulsa glass cleaning companies. Of course, you would use your own business name. I’m just pretending that the business name in this scenario is Tulsa glass cleaning companies. Say that you are in the area wanting to expand your window cleaning business in the area. Provide them with a window cleaning quote on the spot. With this in mind say some thing like I will clean your windows for $25 right now. At that point, if they decline your window cleaning services, reply with the following. what do you mean? Your windows are dirty. I can clean them right now for $25. if they say they already have another Tulsa window cleaner, ask why their windows are still dirty.

Tulsa Window Cleaning Companies Sales Script

This sales script is so important I’m going to continue it in another paragraph. If they state that they have their own Tulsa glass cleaning company, ask them why their windows are still dirty. Clearly, you should tell them that you are here right now and ready to clean. If they still give you trouble, just say here’s my business card. Good Tulsa window cleaners are hard to come by. Then begin to sell yourself. Obviously, say that you are a good reliable Tulsa glass cleaning company, and that you will show up on time. After doing this for a full day, go home and make a spreadsheet. Create five columns four different temperatures of leads. The first column should be hot leads. This means that the customer is very likely to use your window cleaning services in Tulsa. The second column should be very warm leads.

Window Washing Tulsa Commercial Sales Script

Obviously, the third column should represent warm leads. These warm window Cleaning Leads our customers who showed some interest. Of course, they will require you to convince them to use your window cleaning services. You are going to want to follow up with them on a weekly basis. The fourth column should represent cool Leads. Cool leads are defined as a potential customer who is barely interested in your services. After you told them you are a Tulsa glass cleaning company, they showed very little interest. These kinds of customers are going to need much more convincing. You might even want to bring them donuts. The fifth column represents cold leads. Cold leads are leads that are not interested at all in your window cleaning services. Whenever you try to distinguish yourself from other Tulsa glass cleaning companies, they denied you. They even told you to leave their store.