Tulsa Glass Cleaning Company

Tulsa Glass Cleaning Company

Starting a Tulsa Glass Cleaning Company

If you are wanting to start a Tulsa glass cleaning company today, go to Home Depot. For $50 you can start an entire window cleaning business. if you are broke, just go door-to-door trying to drum up business. As a result of doing so you can get at least 50 customers. Start off by buying a swivel squeegee from Home Depot. It’s better to go with the swivel squeegee than the normal squeegee. Consequently, your wrist will thank you for this decision in the long run. If your wrist doesn’t have to pivot much, you’ll get more use out of it. As a result, your window cleaning career will last much longer. here at Gleaming Glass, we recommend all employees use wagtail squeegees. Not only do the squeegees pivot, they swivel. A wagtail squeegee is so much easier to use on a pole for second and third story work.

Window Cleaning Tools You Will Need

Some other window cleaning items you will need are a scrubber and a bucket. If you are wanting to start a Tulsa glass cleaning company these tools are essential. I recommend getting a middle of the road scrubber. If you get too long of a scrubber you won’t be able to fit it in every window. If you get too short of a scrubber he will have to make too many strokes on a window. Some Tulsa window cleaners like to use a bucket on a belt instead of a normal bucket. I am one of those window cleaners who prefer the bucket on a belt. As a result of going this route, your tools are much more accessible. Consequently, this cuts down on cleaning time it makes you more efficient. If you just have a bucket sitting on the ground, you have to bend over constantly.

Other Tools for a Tulsa Glass cleaning company

You might also consider buying some lint free towels. The best kind of towels you can buy for detailing our surgical towels. You can buy window cleaning surgical towels from windowcleaner.com. Another place to purchase these towels are Jracenstein, and windows 101. Eventually, you are also going to need more squeegee rubbers. Squeegee rubber should be changed out every day or every other day. Do you want the squeegee rubber to maintain a sharp edge. As a result, your squeegee will deliver flawless results every time. Consequently, you won’t have to do as much detailing. You will then be a much more efficient Tulsa glass cleaning company. The same thing goes for the towels. If you are not leaving lint all over the window, you won’t have as much detailing to do. The quality of your cleaning will also appear much better.

Recommend Window Cleaning Soap

When you are just starting out in your Tulsa glass cleaning company, dawn dish soap is the way to go. There are plenty of window cleaning soaps on the market. However, those are all very expensive. As a result, your Tulsa window cleaning company will be less profitable as a company. Dawn dish soap does an extremely good job cutting through grease. The only reason to have soap when window cleaning is glide. You just need the squeegee to glide enough so that it’s easy. The other reason you want window cleaning soap is to get rid of fingerprints and smudges. There is another window cleaning solution it called glass gleam. As your window cleaning business becomes more established, I would recommend getting glass gleam. It does not create as much sides as Dawn dish soap. Consequently, there is much less detailing to do around the edges.

Recommended Tulsa Glass Cleaning Company Towels

Microfiber towels are a good towel to have when starting up. You should also buy reclaimed surgical towels. Another towel I would recommend buying is scrim towels. Each of these towels are good in their own regard. Microfiber towels are good for scrubbing resistant debris‘s off of glass. Reclaim surgical towels are good for detailing the edges and middle of glass. Scrim towels are good to have because they are large towels. You can go a whole day without having to switch towels when using scrim. Consequently, you save time by not having to switch towels. You also won’t have to walk back-and-forth between your vehicle in the customers house. Nothing is more frustrating than a small towel that gets wet fast. You will accidentally get soapy water on the glass when using a small towel. Another towel you should consider buying there’s some thing called a huck towel.

Recommended Tulsa Glass Cleaning Company Poles

When you are in the process of starting your business, a small pole will do. As you grow your Tulsa glass cleaning company, you will need to buy longer poles. This will allow you to clean higher windows. Consequently, you will be able to bid more jobs at higher prices. If you can reach a second or third story window, it will be helpful. If your competition can’t reach the window and you can, that is good. Consequently you will land more jobs than they will. This is key to a successful window cleaning business. At some point, you are going to want to invest in a Waterfed pole system. This system will allow you to clean the highest windows imaginable with a really long pole. It is very expensive though, so you are going to want to hold off. Purchase that later in your career.