Tulsa Window Cleaner pricing methods.

A Tulsa window cleaner has a couple methods of pricing out a home. Maybe he is a window cleaner who charges by the window pane. He could be a window cleaner that like to charge by the hour. Finally, he might be a window cleaner that charges based on the square footage of your house. There are many ways to go about pricing for window cleaning. Probably the most common way that a Tulsa window cleaner prices is by a window pane. As a result, we will go over all of these in this article.

Window pane pricing.

Most of all window cleaning companies charge a set price per window pane. As a result, the window cleaning industry pricing has become more standard. Because of this, customers have come to expect a certain price per window pane. If the window cleaning company is under that price it’s low. Furthermore, if the price is over that standard price, it’s high. The average propane price is currently $10. Here at gleaming glass, our price is around $10 per pane. However, that is kind of a high price for this area. Most window cleaning companies in Tulsa charge $8 per window pane. Therefore, we are the highest priced Window Cleaning company in Tulsa. However, we also offer the best window cleaning service.

Per hour pricing.

First of all, I haven’t heard of many window cleaners charging per hour. Janitorial companies might charge per hour for window cleaning. This is because they don’t know how to properly price. Professional window cleaning companies know how to price. So they charge per pane instead of per hour. They still figure out how much they want to make per hour. Rather, instead of charging the customer per hour, they charge per pane. They just keep track how much they’re making per hour in a different way.

Charging by the size of house.

I have heard of a few window cleaning companies charging by the size of the house. Every house has a different number of windows though. Consequently, this isn’t a very accurate way of pricing window cleaning. Just because a house is small doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a lot of windows. Most noteworthy, I have come across a couple of small homes that have upwards of 40 windows. If a Tulsa window cleaner would have priced by the size of the house, they might have charged $200. While window cleaner that charges per pane would have priced it at $400. This is why charging by house size is inaccurate. There aren’t too many window cleaners using this pricing method. Due to the inaccuracy, we don’t use this pricing method either at gleaming glass.

Cheapest window cleaner.

Since we have gone through all of the pricing methods, let’s talk about the prices themselves. Maybe your first inclination is to hire the cheapest window cleaner. Consequently, you end up hiring the lowest quality work. Just because you save money up front doesn’t mean you’ll save money in the long run. For example, let’s imagine a scenario. You hire the cheapest Tulsa window cleaner. They end up doing a terrible job cleaning your windows. Now, you have to call them back. What if they don’t want to come back? As a result, you will have to hire any other window cleaning company. This time around, you are more wise. You hire a more expensive window cleaner to do a better job. At this point, you have spent more money then had you just hired the more expensive window cleaner in the first place.

Most expensive window cleaner.

While hiring the least expensive window cleaner is a terrible idea, so is hiring the most expensive. Some companies just like to scam customers out of money. Typically, the higher the price the more value you will receive. Although, this isn’t always the case. It is however the case here in Tulsa. Gleaming glass is Tulsa’s most highly reviewed window cleaning company. We also happen to be the most expensive company to hire. If a window cleaning company is the most expensive, it’s important to do further research. If they are the most highly reviewed and highly rated company, they might be right to charge the most. Why should the best company charge the least amount of money for their services. It only makes sense for them to charge the most.

What does the price affect?

Furthermore, it’s important to think about the other aspects pricing affects. A company’s pricing can reveal a lot about that window cleaning company. If their prices are the lowest in the market, there’s a good chance they aren’t insured. If their prices are the highest in the market, they most likely have insurance. Companies who are more expensive typically have better employees. By charging more for services, they are able to pay their employees more. By providing better pay, they attract better employees. Therefore, by hiring the most expensive company there’s a good chance you will have better employees in your house. In addition, they will be less likely to steal from you seeing they are well paid.

Relation between price and quality.

We have kind of test on this already. But I would like to go into further detail. No matter what Market you are looking at there’s always a relationship between price and quality. Most noteworthy, think about the computer industry. Who is the highest priced computer company? Apple of course. Who has the best computer from a quality standpoint? You guessed it again, Apple. Is this a coincidence? No, of course not! In order to provide the highest quality product, they have to charge the highest prices. This relationship between price and quality exists in both product and services, such as window cleaning.

Relation between price and quantity.

There is also a relationship between price and quantity. Companies that tend to charge very little for their window cleaning services have to move fast. They have to clean a ton of Windows in order to make a profit. Most of the companies that are like this tend to do a lot of storefront window cleaning. Storefront window cleaning can be as cheap as a dollar per window. Whenever these guys want to also offer Residential Services, they take that same mentality over. The average residential price per window is $10. However, they only charge a dollar. In order to make a profit, they would have to clean four or five homes in a day. Here at gleaming glass we only have to clean one or two homes in a day. This is because we charge a premium price for a premium service.

Choose the best window cleaning company.

In conclusion, what are you to do as a homeowner? In my opinion, you definitely do not want to hire the cheapest tulsa window cleaner. Ironically, you also don’t want to hire a window cleaning company that’s so expensive you can barely afford them. Furthermore, it’s probably best to hire a window cleaning company on the high end of the spectrum. Not too low not too high, but higher price than most. Arguably, window cleaning pricing can be the most important factor to a homeowner. They don’t always care about all of the reviews or 5 star ratings on Google. At this point, they just want clean windows. As a result, the company with the lowest price wins. We take great pride in our work and prefer to be the most expensive Window Cleaning company in town. As a result, we have to charge a premium price.

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