Tulsa Window Cleaning Winter Tips

Winter has finally arrived in Tulsa Oklahoma. So many people have been searching for our Tulsa window cleaning winter tips. As a result, we decided to compile another list. The last list we compiled consisted of many window cleaning tips. Window cleaners in the Tulsa area found this list especially helpful. During the winter months, window cleaning can be hard. If temperatures fall below freezing, the water will freeze on the glass. This makes squeegeeing it off the window very difficult. It’s best to use warm water while scrubbing down the glass. That way, the water won’t freeze as quickly. Cleaning windows in freezing temperatures can be hard on the hands as well. It is best to use waterproof gloves with a fleece lining. By wearing gloves, your hands will stay dry and warm. As long as your hands stay dry and warm, your hands will be just fine.

Use Hot Water

That last paragraph was an example of tips we provided to window cleaners. If you are a homeowner wanting to clean your windows during winter months, these tips are for you. The first tip on our list is to use hot water. The hotter the water the better. If the water is too cold, it will freeze on the glass. That’s not good. Then you will just have soapy water frozen on your windows. If the water is hot, it won’t freeze as quickly. This will give you more time to squeegee the soapy water off the glass. A cleaning glass, we recommend carrying around a thermos with boiling hot water. For every window apply some boiling hot water to your applicator. That way you have hot water for every window. This is a simple solution to stopping the water from freezing on the window.

Wear Window Cleaning Gloves

The next best thing you can do to keep your hands warm is to wear window cleaning gloves. Most gloves aren’t designed for window cleaning. They are not designed to be exposed to water. Most gloves are not designed to keep your hands dry and warm at the same time. So the best thing you can do is to buy gloves that were made for window cleaning. I recently bought a pair of gloves made for window cleaning. They were on a Tulsa window cleaning winter tips guide that a distributor sent to me. The moment I saw them I knew I had to have them. So I ended up buying them. These gloves have PVC on the outside. They are completely waterproof. On the inside, they are lined with fleece. This powerful combination keeps your hands dry and warm.

Use AntiFreeze in your window cleaning solution.

This is an odd but popular tip in the window cleaning industry. It’s a unique way to keep your window cleaning solution from freezing. This is why we decided to use it in the Tulsa window cleaning winter tips. Typically, antifreeze is used in vehicles as windshield solution. Some window cleaner discovered that you can use it in Window Cleaning Solution though. By mixing antifreeze with Dawn dish soap and water it lasts longer. The antifreeze prevents the Dawn dish soap and water from freezing. This will work in freezing temperatures, but not below zero. This is an effective way keeping your window cleaning solution in a liquid state. Trust me on this. If you try to clean windows without antifreeze you will want to quit. Having your window cleaning solution freeze on the window is the worst. It makes cleaning windows very difficult.

Don’t Clean Windows During Winter

In my opinion, this is the best advice I can offer you. Do not clean your windows during winter months. If you are like me, the cold weather is the worst. I would much prefer to clean windows during the warmer months. This is why our prices at gleaming glass are so much higher than the competition. We try to make as much money as possible during the spring summer and fall months. That way, we don’t have to work during the winter months. This is a great way to avoid cleaning windows when it’s cold. We have also found that most people don’t want tether windows cleaned during winter. This is a win-win situation for both the customer and us. They don’t want their windows cleaned and we don’t want to clean their windows. Out of all of the tips on this page, this is the best.

Tulsa Window Cleaning Winter Tips

Tulsa Window Cleaning Winter Tips