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For starters, I’d like everyone to know that this article isn’t going to make much sense. I’m optimising this article for the search term window cleaners Tulsa. Unfortunately, window cleaners Tulsa is nearly impossible to work into a sentence. If it was window cleaners in Tulsa, that would be a different story. However, Google won’t recognize the term window cleaners Tulsa if there is an “in” in between the words cleaners and Tulsa. Consider yourself warned! There are going to be parts of this article where it’s not going to make any sense. I’m aware of the grammatical errors that are about to ensue. I assure you, I am not someone who is illiterate. Arguably, I can read and write just fine! Google will only recognize the search term I am optimizing this page for, if and only if, the words are in exact order. Thanks for your understanding!

Residential Window Cleaners Tulsa

In this article, we are going to be discussing the pros and cons of residential window cleaning. The residential window cleaning Market as a whole other game compared to commercial window cleaning. I am speaking strictly to the Tulsa residential window cleaning market. It’s the only area I’ve ever cleaned windows in, so I am going to talk about it. If you are new to the window cleaning industry it could be that things operate differently in your area. Therefore, take everything I say with a grain of salt. Don’t go changing your whole business structure just because I said something that applies to Tulsa window cleaners. For example, it could be that commercial window cleaning and residential window cleaning is priced similarly in your Market. In the window cleaners tulsa market, the pricing structures are completely different. Residential window cleaners charge four to five times more than commercial cleaning.

Prices in Window Cleaners Tulsa

How is that for a grammatically incorrect subtitle? Prices in window cleaners Tulsa. Just accept that it doesn’t make much sense, and continue reading. Moving right along. Let’s talk about pricing in the window cleaners Tulsa Market. It’s pretty common to find window cleaning companies in Tulsa charging between a dollar and three dollars per window. In my opinion, this is just insane! It’s for this reason that I don’t try to compete with commercial window cleaners.