Window Cleaners | Different types of window cleaners

I was recently reading a blog post about a homeowner who had tried out a bunch of different window cleaners. After many years of trying out different window cleaners, they were very happy to share what they had found. They claim to have the best homemade window cleaners. After many years of trying, and filmy residue filled windows, they finally have clear windows now. In my opinion, as a professional window cleaner, it is best to hire a professional to clean your windows. However, if you are not in a financial situation to do so, hopefully, this blog post will help you. This particular homeowner claimed that they battled to get their exterior windows cleaned for years. Even so, they just never look crystal clear. They would always have streaks and residue on the window. They tried a bunch of store-bought concoctions as well as homemade solutions.

Window Cleaners | Newspaper and Vinegar

They even tried using newspaper as opposed to paper towels. They claim to not have much success with this. By and large, many people swear by newspaper and vinegar. In fact, many of my own customers have claimed that newspaper and vinegar work really well. In my opinion, newspaper and vinegar don’t compare to hiring professional window cleaners. No matter what you try to clean your windows with, you will fall short of the cleaning a professional window cleaner can offer. I’m not so sure what it is about newspapers. I have no idea why people prefer to use newspaper over paper towels. In my mind, it seems to me like ink would spread all over the glass. I’ve never personally used a newspaper the cleaning window though. Consequently, I wouldn’t know. On the other hand, vinegar has been used for decades as a natural cleaning detergent.

Window Cleaners | Back to their blog

The author of The Blog goes on to say that everything changed when they learned about the best exterior window cleaner ever. They were working on an overhaul of their bathroom. They were doing a bunch of remodeling and updating. While they were remodeling the bathroom they ordered some new mirrors. A glass company came out and install the mirrors. While they were being installed the author’s husband started to talk with them. He has some questions about how their business was doing. As the conversation progressed he ask them what they used to clean glass. You ask them if they could offer any advice about what window cleaners solution to use. As a matter of fact, they did happen to have some advice! We will discuss their advice in the next paragraph. They shared a very basic recipe for what has worked for them over the years.

Window Cleaners | The Secret Sauce

This portion of the blog was titled the secret sauce. Every window cleaner company out there has their secret sauce. Many companies with window cleaners tend to be very secretive about what that secret sauce is. It wouldn’t be secret sauce if everybody knew about it, now would it? Let’s get back to the story of the homeowner and the mirror installers. So these glass guys shared their simple recipe and they swore by it. Ironically, they had learned their trip from commercial window cleaners. This comes as no surprise to me as a professional window cleaner. Even though my company mostly cleans residential windows, commercial window cleaners in residential window cleaners are similar. For the most part, we will use some of the same cleaning solutions. Alright, back to the story again. I keep getting off on all of these rabbit trails and I’m sorry about that!

Window Cleaners | Secret Sauce Revealed

So this homeowner couple had been using a combination of water and vinegar for a while now. Ironically, the secret sauce these mirror installers had learned from commercial window cleaners was similar. Furthermore, the secret sauce included both water and vinegar. In addition, there was one more special ingredient. Strangely enough, that extra special ingredient is very simple. It’s also used by just about everyone. By the same token, it’s a product that every household has. Arguably, I have beat around the bush long enough. The secret ingredient is none other than a dash of dish soap. Dish soap is actually widely used among the window cleaners in the window cleaning industry. In fact, here at gleaming glass, that is all we use. We only use a bottle filled with water and a couple drops of Dawn dish soap. It’s the most simple cost-effective window cleaner solution out there!

Window Cleaners | Really?

Upon hearing how simple the recipe was, it was hard to believe. It almost sounded too simple to believe. It was new to them though. The Story Goes On to say that they ended up trying right away. Her husband went outside to test the new window cleaner solution on a few windows. He tried a few windows out and found that it worked pretty well. Before she knew it he was all the way around the house. He was even working on some of the second-story windows as well. The difference that the dish soap made was incredible. Her husband also claimed that is so much easier than what they had used in the past. They also noticed a huge difference in the amount of light. The author goes on to make a joke that they had to wear sunglasses. Got to love window cleaners humor!