Window Cleaning Companies | Best of the Best

First of all, I’d like to start off this article by saying I highly respect these window cleaning companies. Furthermore, I respect the owners of these companies. The owners of these companies are all people I’ve come to know them through the various window cleaning companies Facebook pages and forums. There are window cleaning groups on Facebook that exist solely for window cleaners. This has been a great place to meet the owners of other window cleaning companies. I am not as active as I used to be on these Facebook groups and forums. However, in my first couple years in business, these groups and forms were extremely helpful and important to me. While interacting with many of the discussions, I’ve come to learn that there are some pretty cool window cleaning companies up there. In the next couple of paragraphs, we are going to discuss this.

Curt Kempton of 5 Star Window Care

First and foremost, Curt Kempton was the first window cleaning business owner I ever looked up to. During my early days in owning a window cleaning company, I was really fascinated by marking. Curt and his team put out some excellent marketing content. One of the videos that really stands out in my mind was a video Curt did on five-star window cares customer service. The company’s motto is a customer service company that happens to clean windows. The video they made representing this motto perfectly. Here is a link to the video:
After seeing this video it really encouraged me to step up my game in marketing. Most importantly though, I respect Curt as a quality person. He has gone on to start his own software company and sell five-star window care. In like manner, this company also has awesome customer service!

Brennon Williams of Soap and Water

Brennon is another one of the people I highly respect in the window cleaning industry. His company, soap and water is a window cleaning company and a pressure washing company. She is widely known among window cleaning companies as having some of the coolest advertising wraps on his vehicles. All of his trucks and trailers are white. They also have this cool Wave of water flowing through the vehicles. The overall image of his Fleet of vehicles is just extremely professional. Window cleaning companies are always talking about how nice his Vehicles look. Brennon also inspired me in my early days to step up my image presentation so I can stand out among other window cleaning companies. Just the same as Curt, Brennon as also sold his window cleaning company. Congratulations on the sale of your company Brennon. It’s got to be a bittersweet time.

Joshua Latimer of Birds Beware

Another owner of a window cleaning company I really respect is Joshua Latimer. Josh has lived an extraordinary life. In his early 20’s, he was broke, about to get married, and he had recently quit a job. In short, he ended up starting a window cleaning company. That’s what any logical person would do right? He started a window cleaning business out of a station wagon. You heard that right. A station wagon. I’ll never forget the picture I saw him standing next to his car with a 28-foot ladder strapped to the top. If you are an owner of one of the many window cleaning companies out there, and you need inspiration, look no further. Joshua Latimer is the image of inspiration. He was eventually able to hire hundreds of employees and gross Millions of dollars. He later went on to sell the company for Millions!