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Any window cleaning company will tell you that painting the window trim is a great way to brighten any room. The paint can really make your windows stand out. You will spend the majority of your time applying tape to your windows and doors. Many people do this to avoid getting paint on their windows. If you have French Windows just forget it. It takes way too much time to put painters tape on that many window frames. If you don’t know what French windows are Google the term french windows. You could also Google the term divided light Windows to see what they look like. It’s a bunch of little pieces of glass that make up one window. They are a pain in the butt to clean, and even harder to tape around. In this article, we are going to be discussing how to remove paint from glass.

Window Cleaning Company | Removing Paint

Arguably, it may be easier to just remove the paint from the glass. By the same token, it might take less time to remove the paint then try to prevent it from getting on the windows. By and large, you will spend more time applying tape to prevent the paint from getting on the windows. It might just be easier to hire a window cleaning company to remove the paint from the windows. Otherwise, you will waste a whole day applying tape to protect The windows. Some people have more money than time. For those people, I would recommend not worrying about the windows. Just paint away in if any paint gets on the glass just hiring a window cleaning company. By the same token, here’s some more advice for people with more money than time. Don’t do any painting at all. Hire a professional painter instead!

Window Cleaning Company | Hiring Professionals

First and foremost, hiring a professional to do any task is it a better way of doing things. It could be that you need your windows washed. Hire a professional window cleaning company. If you need your window sills and Frames painted, hire a painting company. This especially applies to wealthy people. Why bother wasting a whole day painting and cleaning your windows. For the people that can’t afford to hire companies to do this work for them, this article is for you. We would recommend not taping the glass to save time. It might actually be easier to remove paint from the windows after the fact. As a result, you won’t waste your day applying masking tape around your windows. Paint is fairly easy to remove from Windows as long as it is fresh. You don’t want to let it sit on the glass for too long.

Window Cleaning Company | Removing the Paint

A good rule of thumb that I learned from another window cleaning company is to never scrape or scrub glass that is dry. You want to always remember to lubricate the glass. If you plan on scraping the paint off with a razor make sure to scrub down the window with soapy water first. This decreases the friction between the blade and the glass. You will decrease your chances of scratching the window this way. Another way to remove paint from the glass is by using steel wool. Make sure you buy the super fine steel wool. You have to buy the finest steel wall available. We buy all of our steel wool at Lowes. It should have the numbers 0000 to let you know that it’s the super fine stuff. Even with super fine steel wool, it is smart to lubricate the glass first.

Window Cleaning Company | Kinds of Lubricants

All things considered, ask a local window cleaning company. In my opinion, just about any Window Cleaning Company will be able to recommend a window cleaning solution for you. By and large, even water will work. Adding a little dish soap such as Dawn will lubricate the window even more. Soap adds extra Glide to the scraper blade or steel wool. This will decrease your chances of scratching your windows. Here at gleaming glass, we use Dawn dish soap. On first-time window cleanings, our window cleaning company will use a mixture of water and Dawn dish soap. Dawn dish soap also has the added benefit of cutting through greasy fingerprints. If you have kids, this tip will be invaluable.