Searching for window cleaning in Tulsa OK

If you are looking for window cleaning in tulsa ok, look no further! Here at Gleaming glass we provide window cleaning pricing faster than any other window cleaning company in Tulsa Oklahoma. You will receive window cleaning pricing in less than 30 minutes. When you Google window cleaning in Tulsa OK, and call us. Consequently, to the time we respond with your pricing estimate. We respond to most window cleaning inquiry calls with a text message. It requests your home address or business address, depending on which address needs the window cleaning. After you receive that text message, simply respond with the address that you are needing window cleaning at. From there, We will do some basic research on your address. If your home or business can be found on Zillow that is ideal.

Window Cleaning pricing with Zillow

Zillow typically provides us with many pictures of your home or business and allows us to see your windows. This provides us with an accurate window count and we are able to determine whether there will be any access issues for your windows. When researching companies that provide window cleaning in Tulsa OK, many people prefer to hire a company that gets back with them promptly. This is why we have chosen to prioritize a quick response time. By responding in under 30 minutes, it guarantees that we are likely the first company to get back with you. This increases our chances of providing you window cleaning service if we are the first window cleaning company to get back with you. By the time other window cleaning companies in Tulsa Oklahoma respond to your window cleaning estimate request, we hopefully already booked the job and have you on our schedule.

The customer comes first

While this is good for business, it is also good for the customer. Nobody likes to waste time calling out multiple window cleaning companies just to get window cleaning pricing. We realize this at Gleaming glass, and we try to do our best to address this issue. When you call Gleaming glass for a window cleaning estimate, you will receive pricing within 30 minutes. What other company can provide that? I was recently diagnosed with skin cancer. My days in the sun have come to an end for the immediate time being. Ever since my diagnosis, I decided to move to this business model. Providing window cleaning pricing on behalf of the other window cleaning companies. It’s a great way to stay in this industry, but also accomplish the goal of reducing my son exposure.

Raising the estimate standard

I have always felt like the window cleaning estimate process has been poor in the window cleaning industry. When you search Google for window cleaning in Tulsa Oklahoma, a list of companies pop up. Most of them won’t even return your calls. I see this as an opportunity two go above and beyond with exceptional responsiveness. If you contact Gleaming glass for window cleaning in Tulsa OK, you will get a response. And you will get pricing for your window cleaning needs. Why waste time calling up all of these companies? All you need to do is contact one. One that you know is going to respond and give you pricing in a quick manner. I used to provide instant window cleaning estimates with a software called responsibid, but that got expensive. I have found it’s just as easy for the customer to send pictures of the windows.

Dropping in SEO ranking

A couple of years ago, I devoted a lot of time to writing up these blog posts. In order to rank well on Google. I would write 3 to 4 articles per day. Consequently, roughly 1500 words per article on the topic of window cleaning in Tulsa OK. Search for the term window cleaning on Google. The website with the most information regarding window cleaning will pop up. It’s not rocket science. My website that should be appearing on page 1 for window cleaning in Tulsa OK. It’s no longer popping up in the search results. So, I decided to write one blog post every single day until I rank well on page 1 again. Coming up with a lot of content to write in regards to window cleaning is tough. Even with a topic that I am knowledgeable on, there isn’t a whole lot to say.

Writing articles

So basically, I just end up rambling like a college student who hast to write an essay on the topic of window cleaning in Tulsa OK. He doesn’t have enough to say on the topic. The essay is supposed to be 1500 words long. But, this figurative college student only has 750 words so far about window cleaning. Therefore, he begins to ramble on and on. Rambling about incoherent things regarding window cleaning just to get those extra 750 words. I am the figurative college student. Since I’m no longer cleaning windows, it’s more difficult to come up with content to write about. As a result, I have to rely on other outlets for content regarding window cleaning. One of the ways I do this is by podcasts or articles. Listening to window cleaning podcasts or blogs from other window cleaners is helpful.