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Here at gleaming glass, we have noticed that people are searching more and more for the Search terms window cleaning Owasso. Furthermore, we have noticed a rise in phone calls from people in Owasso in need of window cleaning quotes. Owasso is quite the drive for us so we provide all of our window cleaning quotes on our website. At this point, it just doesn’t make much sense to drive all of that way to give window cleaning quotes. For this reason, we decided to invest in online window cleaning estimate software. The software was designed by window cleaner made for other window cleaners. The owner of the online estimator software used to own a window cleaning company himself. He later sold his window cleaning business and founded this window cleaning software company. He knows what other window cleaners need because he was one.

Online Window Washing Estimate

The name of the online instant window cleaning estimate software we use is responsibid. This software was created by Curt Kempton. Kurt used to own one of the world’s most successful window cleaning businesses. Furthermore, the name of his business was five-star window care. In my opinion, 5-star window care is a shining example of what endocrine company should look like. As a matter of fact, their motto was a customer service company that happens to clean windows. This window washing company valued customer service above all else. Customer service came first and clean windows or a second priority. This is a great way to build a window washing company. If you focus on the customers’ needs you are guaranteed success. If all you focus on as a window cleaner is clean windows, but you neglect the customer, you will fail.

Window Cleaner Customer Convenience

You are a window cleaner in the Owasso area you have to try using the software. This software makes running a window cleaner business really easy. It’s also a much more convenient way for the window cleaners customer to get a quote. When somebody realizes they have dirty windows, they want their windows cleaned as soon as possible. Arguably, they would prefer to have their windows cleaned within one or two weeks. By and large, most window cleaning companies have to schedule and on-site quote. Schedule me on site quote alone and take up to a week. Moreover, you probably won’t get your windows cleaned or another week or two after getting the quote. On the other hand, if that same window cleaner had invested in the software, they could schedule customers that same week. In addition, the customer can schedule themselves on your window cleaning website.

Online Window Washing Scheduling

One of my favorite features the online window washing software is that customers can schedule themselves. First, the customer tells the window cleaner how many windows. Second, the customer receives a quote for window cleaning services. Third, the customer selects which window cleaning package they would like to purchase. Afterward, the customer then has the option to schedule their own appointment. This is a game changer for window cleaners in the Owasso area. Before the software existed, window cleaners had to drive to the customer’s home. By the same token, they had to physically count windows. Then they had to figure out what price they’re going to give the customer. At this point, the window cleaner had to been contacted customer to schedule the appointment. At any rate, that is a lot of back-and-forth communication. For this reason, I chose to invest in online window cleaning software.

Window Cleaning in Owasso

Now that I have this incredible software made for window cleaners, I can better serve the People in Owasso. Now when somebody who lives in Owasso searches Google for window cleaning Owasso, they will find gleaming glass. Whenever they visit our website they will see a button that asked them if they wanted window cleaning quote. Furthermore, if they click that button, it will redirect them to the window cleaner software. From here on, the customer will enter some information about the windows they’re needing cleaned. After doing so they will receive three prices for three different window washing packages we offer. In my opinion, gleaming glass makes it as easy as possible for people living in Owasso to get a window cleaning estimate. No other window cleaning company has invested in such sophisticated software. In addition customers in Owasso can get a window cleaning quote within an hour.

Professional Owasso Window Cleaning

Whenever you search for window cleaning owasso, you are obviously looking for the most professional company you can find. At any rate, you will look through all of the window cleaning websites offered in window cleaning Owasso. By the same token, you will have looked at our website. All Things Considered, it’s pretty easy to see that gleaming glass is the most professional window cleaning company in Owasso. Moreover, you will instantly feel a sense of professionalism upon seeing our website. Ultimately, customers choose us over the competition based on how many five star reviews we have for window cleaning services. Ironically, most of our competition in the window cleaning industry doesn’t work very hard to accumulate Google reviews. Just by simply trying, gleaming glass stands Head and Shoulders above the competition. We almost have as many Google reviews as all of our competition combined.

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