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Window cleaning tulsa history! This just in! Window cleaning tulsa, also referred to as window cleaning in tulsa, is considered to be the cleaning of glass that is either utilized for structural purposes or decorative purposes. How did we find this information? Great question. Did we interview hundreds of people in Tulsa? No, we did not. It turns out, it’s just common sense. Plain and simply put, tulsa window cleaning refers to the cleaning of windows in tulsa. Who would have thunk?! From a historical perspective window cleaning tulsa goes hand in hand with the production of glass. The glass industry goes a surprisingly long ways back. In fact glass is one of the oldest materials around. Glass was discovered as far back as the stone age, which was around 7,000 BC! Even when I, a tulsa window cleaning business owner, hear this fact, it’s hard for me to believe it. I’ve always thought of glass as being this modern sophisticated material built with highly advanced machinery and processes. That said, the glass wasn’t exactly used as windows in buildings or structures. It was used in jewelry and jars or jugs.

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Window Cleaning Tulsa History

Window Cleaning Tulsa History

It wasn’t until 1861 when a chemist from Belgian introduced the world to a cost-effective method for producing glass. Throughout the late 1800s, buildings, trains, and homes started utilizing glass in their build process. It wasn’t long until window cleaning companies started popping up in the Berlin Germany area. Why Germany, and not Tulsa? I don’t know. Germans are known for their innovation though, and window cleaning has significant history pointing back to Germany with companies like Unger, which we’ll be discussing in future posts. Switching nationality up a little bit… we’re going to be talking about an Italian guy named Ettore Steccone in our next post. This man really kicked off the start of window cleaning tool innovation. We’ll talk about him in our next post.