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When winter ends, people in tulsa are going to realize just how dirty their windows are. Moreover, if you are like most people, you are going to head on over to Google and search for the key terms window cleaning tulsa ok. Google conveniently sorts through all Tulsa window cleaning companies for you. Furthermore, the companies who come up on page one are the best. If you want to find the best company though, pick the company that’s first on page 1. Typically the company That is first on page one, put in the most work to get there. Google makes it really easy to find the best window company in Tulsa. Simply search for the service you are seeking. In this case it would be Window cleaning. Then search for your city. In your case it would be Tulsa. Put those two together and you have window cleaning Tulsa.

Ignoring Ads

Whenever I am searching for a Tulsa window cleaning company, I ignore ads. You should too. Essentially, window cleaning companies in Tulsa will pay Google to place their company at the top. You do not want to hire those companies. You will be able to recognize these companies I looking for the ads they buy. These ads are typically located at the top of the search engine results. Whenever you perform a search or window cleaning Tulsa ok, simply scroll past the first couple of ads. Companies that paid for ads typically are not reputable companies. They are not willing to put in the work it takes to list organically on Google. They just want a quick fix solution to ranking on Google. As a result, you shouldn’t trust these companies. The companies you should trust are the companies with the most reviews in Google Maps.

Google Maps

With this in mind, let’s expound on that. The best way to find a reputable window cleaning company in Tulsa is to refer to Google Maps. As a company, they will acquire more and more Google reviews. Google displays the Google reviews and me Google Maps portion of the search engine results page. So when you conduct a search for window cleaning Tulsa ok, these are the things you need to do. For starters, you need to scroll past the ads. The second thing you’ll see is the Google Maps. Within Google Maps you’ll see a list of companies who have reviews on Google. Look for the company who has the most 5 Star reviews. In our case, that would be Gleaming Glass. Currently, we have 19 five star reviews or our Tulsa location. At our Broken Arrow location, we have six five star reviews.

Google Reviews

Let’s talk a little more about Google window cleaning reviews. Google reviews are currently best way for consumers to determine which companies are reputable. However, Google reviews can still be faked. The best way to determine whether or not a Google review is fake, is by viewing the profile. Click on the person’s profile and take a look at some other reviews they have written for other companies. Google will typically display where these companies are located. They will also display where the review was written from. If it looks like a person is Real reviews for companies all over the world they are probably fake. These companies will pay people to write fake reviews for their companies. A couple of my competitors in the Tulsa window cleaning Market I’ve done just that. They have paid people in foreign countries to write a fake review for them.

Organic Window Cleaning Listings

Let’s recap. When you search for a window cleaning Tulsa Ok company, the first thing you’ll see is advertisements. After you scroll past the advertisements you will see Google Maps and reviews. If you’re having a hard time determining what company to hire by looking at reviews, scroll down. The next thing that populates the search engine results are the organic listings. These listings rank companies based on how much time and energy they have put into making their website’s customer friendly. The websites that list at the top of the organic listings are also the most informative. If you search for the term dog or cat on Google Wikipedia will be the first company to pop up. You might wonder why that is. Well, I’ll tell you why. They have the most information on dogs and cats. Gleaming glass has the most information on Window Cleaning.

Putting in the Work

As a matter of fact, nothing worthwhile is ever accomplished easily. If you want to be ranked at the top of page 1 on Google you have to put in the work. You have to write thousands of words about window cleaning. Not many companies are willing to put in┬áthe work required to accomplish this goal. One of my personal goals for 2018 is to write 2 articles every day about window cleaning. Throughout January February in March, there aren’t a lot of people calling to get window cleaning quotes. So instead of working in the business, I’m going to spend the winter working on the business. By the time March is here, I will have dominated the competition in the Google search engine results. When someone searches for a window cleaner in Tulsa, they will see Gleaming Glass.

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Window Cleaning Tulsa ok 104