window cleaning tulsa pictures

Taking before & after window cleaning tulsa pictures has been one of our favorite parts of being window cleaners. These pictures are a clear depiction of the transformation we were able to produce with our own hands, and we find that very rewarding! It’s also a great way to show you the kind of transformation you can expect. Unfortunately, taking these before and after tulsa window cleaning tulsa pictures is a very time-consuming process. Taking a before and after window cleaning tulsa pictures of every single window in the house or building is obviously out of the question. The next best thing is to just walk around the house or building, and determine which windows are the dirtiest, which will in turn make for the best before and after window cleaning tulsa pictures. Then, the end result will be a much more dramatic transformation.

After you determine which windows you’re going to take the window cleaning tulsa pictures of, I need to set up the tripod and put the camera on it. Next, it’s got to focus the camera on the dirt on the glass, not the imagery in the background behind the glass. Then, trick is to clean the window without accidentally bumping the tripod or camera. Doing so would cause the after window cleaning tulsa pictures picture to be taken from a different angle or height or position, then what the before picture was taken from. If this happens, the end result kind of loses its dramatic effect. It’s that dramatic effect you’re shooting for. It’s really cool to see just the dirt being removed from the photo, or at least that’s the effect it tends to have on the human eye.

Have you taken those first before and after window cleaning tulsa pictures the first window, have to repeat the whole process for any of the other windows you’re wanting pictures for. I’d have to say taking window cleaning Tulsa before and after pictures ads about five additional minutes to each window that he move to. That adds up to be a lot of wasted time at the end of the day. So these days, I find myself just taking quick snapshots with my iPhone to serve as before and after pictures. They don’t turn out as well as the pictures taken with the tripod and a cannon t3i, but it still gets the point across. It’s much quicker too.

In this day and age pictures and video are more important than at any other time in human history. Our attention spans aren’t nearly as good as they used to be, and everyone’s so used to just scrolling through their social media feeds and looking for new pictures and videos to like. That habit kind of transfers over to when you’re scrolling through a business’s website. Nobody wants to read a page full of text like this anymore. They just want to find beautiful images in video. Yet as a business owner, it’s important that I still create a lot of text bass content on the website so that potential customers are able to find me in the Google search engine.

In summary, so you won’t find me uploading many more perfectly taken before and after window cleaning Tulsa pictures like the ones you see on this page, I’ll still be uploading pictures taken from my iPhone on window cleaning Tulsa job sites. Enjoy the before and after window cleaning Tulsa pictures on this page!

All of these before & after window cleaning pictures were taken with our camera on a tripod. In our opinion, this is really the only way before and after window cleaning pictures should be taken. I mean…come on! If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing the right way. The “after” picture should be taken at the same angle and height that the “before” picture was taken at. It really gives it a much more dramatic effect when the only thing you witness leaving the picture, is the dirt. Unfortunately though, setting up an expensive camera on a tripod is very time intensive, so we don’t do it much anymore. We’re happy enough with the pictures we’ve accumulated so far on this page. Unless you’re a window cleaner, there’s only so many before & after window cleaning pictures a human being can look through. We have found that number to be 12. After that, you instantly fall into a boredom induced coma. It’s awful.

The 3 pictures below do not depict normal window cleaning services. They are pictures of a hard water stain removal job we performed for a customer in South Tulsa. If you have hard water stains on your windows or glass shower enclosure, we can remove those unsightly stains for you! Be sure to check out our other website: for more information on our glass restoration services.