Window Washer | Continuing our series on growth.

In previous articles, we discussed what it takes to take your window washer business the next level. We are going to continue with this series as we dive deeper. In this article, we are going to discuss hiring multiple employees to grow your business further. At this point in your business, you should be done being a window washer. You should have promoted yourself to window washer manager instead of just a window washer. In addition, you need to be hyper-focused on the marketing and management of your business and employees. In like manner, don’t neglect your customers. Customer management is a huge part that can easily be forgotten or neglected. Once you start marketing your business full time, you will find that it’s pretty easy to focus on nothing else. Marketing begins to seem really important. For good reason too! It’s the life of the business.

Hiring a window washer.

Before moving on to hiring multiple employees, your schedule should be completely full. Now that your schedule is full, you should also have more people calling your window washer business. You need to be booking people at least a month to two months out. At this point, it’s a good idea to hire your second and third employees. If you are in need of help trying to find employees, Here are some tips. I would recommend trying Craigslist. Craigslist is free and easy. On the contrary, it might be harder to find quality people. A good example of something to say in a Craigslist ad soliciting employees might look something like the following. ” We are in need of a window washer. To determine whether you are qualified or not please refer to the checklist below. You must own your own cell phone. You must have good client relation skills.

Window Washer hiring tips.

It’s important to keep your ads simple and to the point. Your goal is to convince people to give you a call. At this point, You can then schedule an interview with them and ask them further questions. The next step is to meet them for an interview at a place like Panera Bread. When you meet them for an interview, it’s important to get a feel for who they are as a person. It’s also important to check out their vehicle if they will have to use it To carry your ladders. It’s important to remember that your business’s reputation is at risk. The person you are interviewing has the power to make or break your business. It’s important to choose wisely, and not higher the first person that comes along. Be very picky about who you Choose to represent your company. Hire character first and train skills.

Determining how much to pay your window washer.

Typically, the better you pay people, the more they will want to do quality work. Chances are they will stick around a lot longer too. When employees stick around longer, you won’t have to constantly be training people. I would recommend paying your employees between $13 an hour and $16 an hour. This may seem high, but if you are properly bidding jobs, your profits will still be ideal. Many window washer companies pay their employees Commission. They will pay them a certain percentage of every job. This is great incentive to make your employees work faster and more efficiently. If you sell them they have the opportunity to make $100 in an hour, they will jump at the chance to do so. On the other hand, you want to make sure that their quality of work doesn’t drop as a result. Quality must come first.

Training your new window washer.

First and foremost, it’s extremely important not to cut corners while training your new window washer. Go ahead and take all the time you need to help the new employee. It’s important that they learn how to clean windows the right way, right away. Start off by letting them practice for a couple days or until they have the hang of it. If you are planning on hiring an experienced window cleaner, make sure they clean to your standards. It’s important to hire for character, and then train the skills later. If you try hiring experienced window cleaners all the time, you will find that many of them have bad habits. You will find that they are sloppy and cut corners. Another great place to look for employees is when you are out and about at restaurants. Always keep an eye open for possible employees.