Window Washers

In the last couple of articles we wrote, we discussed how to take your window washers business to the next level. We are going to continue with this series of articles. I think this will be the final article in the series. None the less, we saved the best for last. Consequently, the best for last also means the hardest to swallow. We are going to talk about money in this article. Many business owners, especially window washers, don’t like the idea of spending their money on advertising. Many Window Washers don’t believe in the value created by reinvesting your business. Little do they know though reinvesting in your business will get you more money in the long run. It’s important to invest in your website especially. In this day and age, more and more people are using Google to find Home Services. Window cleaning is among those services.

Backstabbing window washers

I haven’t personally experienced this because I don’t have employees yet. That said, it’s pretty normal to experience your employees stealing accounts from you. I have heard this many times from other window washers who own businesses. They find that their employees will steal customers and then try to start your own window washing business. After you train them on how to clean windows, they realize just how easy it is to clean a window. Furthermore, they then believe that they can do whatever it is you do as the business owner. They don’t realize all the hard work that goes into owning a business. Consequently, they go out and start your own business. To get started, they take some of your clients with them. This is a pretty hard situation to avoid, especially if they are super determined. If you want to try and prevent this though, it’s possible.

Being proactive as the manager.

The first thing you should do when hiring someone is to have them sign a non-compete agreement. Additionally, it’s important to make the punishments severe if they refuse to adhere to the contract. Make sure to include something in the agreement that shows how serious you are. For example, state that the employees will be fined several thousand dollars if they decide to start their own window cleaning business. If you can’t get them to sign it, don’t even bother hiring them. This is a great way to sift through people who are the scum of the Earth. It will also remove all of the thieves from the hiring process. It is important we these people out in the very beginning so they don’t have a chance to learn how your business operates. If they learn how your business operates, they will have the opportunity to harm you greater.

Reinvest in your window washer business.

As I stated in the beginning, most window cleaning business owners don’t see the value in this. It’s the year 2018 and investing in a quality website would not be more important. Arguably, the majority of customers nowadays are finding window cleaning companies through Google searches. If you have not invested the time and money necessary to be found in Google searches you will fail. It’s important to learn all about Google’s algorithms and how to meet their standards. By doing so, they will reward you by moving you up the ranks in the search engine results. You will notice a world of a difference between being on page 2 of Google versus page 1. Furthermore, as soon as you position 1 of page 1, you will notice another bump in sales. I have worked for 5 years now to get to page 1. As a result, I am there!

Celebrate your success!

After you have accomplished everything listed in this article and the previous articles, it’s time to celebrate. Don’t celebrate too much though. It’s important to live way below your means. That way, when an opportunity presents itself you will be able to act on it immediately. In like manner, it could be that you have an opportunity to grow your business by hiring another employee. If you’re out constantly celebrating in living above your pay grade, you won’t have enough cash set aside to hire another employee. Hiring another employee did mean the difference between 4 figures and 5 figures of income. Ultimately, I hope this article has helped a window washer out there is just starting out. I wish somebody would have written some more article for me when I was starting out. That said, you will still have difficult times even with this information. Fight through it!