Window Washing Company | Take it to the next level

Every owner of a window washing company dreams of taking their business to the next level. Additionally, they dream of making thousands of dollars without having to do any of the work. Furthermore, they can’t wait to hire employees so all I have to do is manage the business. Without any action though, these dreams will remain just dreams. Action is necessary and taking your business to the next level. To illustrate this, we will discuss how important it is to take Massive Action every day in your window washing company. Consider the following examples if you wish to take your window washing business the next level. Moreover, that action you take has to be effective. Anyone can work all day long. However, it’s the people that are working effectively and efficiently that are going to succeed. It’s the window washing company owners who blog every day that will succeed.

Taking massive action in your window washing company

If you hope to achieve results at your competition currently can’t accomplish you must take action. Furthermore, you must mark it and clean windows. If you’re just out there cleaning windows, there will come a day when you’re not getting any more calls. Consequently, he won’t be able to clean windows much longer. You have to be marketing as well. You need to make it a point to put yourself in your business in front of people. Try to get in front of as many people as you can every day. If you will strive every day to Market your business, you will be amazed at what can happen. Your business will transform before your very eyes. Henceforth, marketing will kind of take a back seat and you will be able to focus on the operation side of the window washing company.

Keep on keeping on in your window washing company.

As soon as you start gaining some traction, it is important not to take your foot off the gas. Never take your foot off the gas. You have to drive your marketing car as fast and hard as possible. Furthermore, once you have more work than you can handle, you still should not take your foot off the gas. As soon as you have more work than you can handle, it may be time to hire another employee. Why stop growing when you are at the top of your game? To illustrate this example, consider a window washing company with one employee. Let’s pretend that you are working in the business with your employee. As soon as you get to the point where you can no longer take all the calls and do the marketing, it’s time to hire a second employee. Take Massive Action and don’t look back!

Comfort zone in a window washing company.

Once you start laying a bunch of jobs, and your schedule is completely booked, you might fall into a comfort zone. This will spell disaster for your business. It is important to never fall into a comfort zone. In contrast, you should always be pushing the boundaries. In like manner, push the boundaries of your marketing efforts. Just the same, push the boundaries of you’re cleaning efficiency. There will always be a better way of doing things. You just have to find that more efficient and effective way. Arguably, that responsibility Falls on owner of the window washing company. As soon as you start to feel yourself slipping into a comfort zone, do whatever it takes to get it. For example, this might look like you going door-to-door selling your services. Alongside that, you might try going to a local business networking meeting. Whatever it takes, get out!

Owning your job versus owning a business

As long as you are in your comfort zone, there’s a good chance you just own your own job. If you truly want to own a window washing company in a business sense, you have to get out of that comfort zone. Don’t get stuck in me monotonous routine of answering phone calls and then going to clean the windows. If you get stuck in this never-ending cycle, there will come a day when the phone calls stop rolling in. At this point, there will be no more windows to clean. It’s important to set aside some time every day to do marketing. By working on the business instead of in the business, you draw One Step Closer to owning a business. As opposed to just running a job. Here at gleaming glass, I like to schedule a couple hours every morning to do marketing. You should too!

Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint.

Marketing for your window washing company is a marathon. Most window cleaners view it as a Sprint. They think you just have to try really hard for short period of time. Naturally, they fail spectacularly while they watch their competition zoom by them in the Google search results. I have witnessed this with my own window washing company. More than half of my competition still has websites from the 1990s. They seem not to care at all how that affects their business image. In addition, more than half of my competition doesn’t bother to take the time to learn how to optimize the websites. Consequently, over the last couple of months, I have passed them in the search engine results. I have taken the time to study what it takes to optimize your website. Keeping up with Google’s algorithms is a marathon in and of itself.