Window Washing in Tulsa

If you are looking for the best window washing in Tulsa, we are your best option. At gleaming Glass, we have more than 10 years of window washing experience in Tulsa. We are an owner operated window washing company. Our window washing services include glass cleaning, screen cleaning, windowsill cleaning, and window track cleaning. In addition to Window Cleaning services, we also offer Glass restoration services. Window washing in Tulsa can be a rewarding and challenging experience. Tulsa weather can have dramatic swings. One day, the weather can be 90. On the other hand, it will be 50 the following day. Consequently, there tends to be a lot of rescheduling Window Cleaning appointments. It can be difficult to keep the schedule in order. If you are thinking about window washing in Tulsa, hire an assistant. Somebody to keep track of the schedule and answer phone calls is very helpful.

Quoting window washing in Tulsa

Furthermore, I would recommend hiring somebody to give estimates for you. The faster you are able to respond to a window washing Lead, the better. If you are the first window washing in Tulsa to bid the job, that is good. You highly increase your chances of landing that job  are some customers just want a price and to get the windows cleaned fast. Not everyone is going to call up multiple window washing companies to get quotes. In fact, you don’t want that kind of customer anyway. The best kind of customer from a business perspective is that kind of customer. They tend to be less maintenance. Consequently, it is a more or less hassle free experience. The more customers you can get like that the better. Furthermore, I would recommend actively looking for that kind of customer. They will likely refer you to other people just like them.

Window cleaning business owner with cancer

I personally provide estimates for window washing in Tulsa for Gleaming Glass and Clear Pane Windows. by doing so, I am able to respond to Lead‘s quickly. As a result, my ratio of leads to jobs booked is much higher than most companies. I am able to book jobs for both companies.  ever since I was diagnosed with skin cancer,, I have had to stop spending so much time out in the sun. My dermatologist recommended that I spend no more than five minutes outside. Scratch that, my dermatologist said that I can spend no more than 15 minutes outside per day.  it’s really hard to run a window cleaning business like that. I had to make a tough decision, one that wasn’t easy. Nobody ever plans on having cancer. It just happens out of the blue. In my case, it was because of too much time in the sun.

Window washing in Tulsa with employees

Should I hire employees for the first time? I’ve been an owner operator business for 10 years now. I have never liked the idea of hiring employees. It’s hard trusting other people to carry out the same quality of work that my customers expect from me. As a result, I have just cleaned the windows myself. It is much easier to handle quality control that way. I decided that as of right now that is not the route I wanna take.Another option is just to sell my business. That would be a really hard choice. This window washing business is my pride and joy. As a business owner, you really feel like you’ve raised a child. Your business is like your baby. You give birth to it in a way upon the conception of the idea. You then nurture it until maturity.

Commission for Tulsa window cleaning leads

At least temporarily I have decided to just refer people for a commission. I have transformed my business into more of a lead generating business. I generate the leads through my website. I’ve been passing on those leads to other Window Cleaning companies for a commission. It has been a great way for me to stay out of the sun. I have also just enjoyed being able to deal with people. One of the best parts of this job is getting to meet new people every day. I also enjoy working with my mind more than my body. That is something my mom always wanted for me. My father worked all of his life at an airport. He worked hard physically and it tore down his body. As a result, he had to undergo surgeries. After cleaning windows for 10 years, I was already starting to feel the side effects.

Search engine optimization for window cleaners

I have now been spending most of my time working on search engine optimization. For this particular article, I want people to find. The only way to do that is through search engine optimization. I have optimized this article for the search term window washing in Tulsa . Whenever somebody googles window washing Tulsa, this article will appear. That is how I am able to target people in Tulsa. If somebody is looking for window washing in Tulsa, they will Google a related term. My goal is to pop up in the Google search results when that happens.

Putting in the work

Back in the year 2017,  I spent all winter long on search engine optimization. Every single day I would write at least one article. Furthermore, I tried to write two or three articles per day. One article about window washing in Tulsa was my minimum. It is important to constantly add fresh content on yourWebsite. Google has bought that for all your website and search for new contact. If you are adding the most content about when the washing in Tulsa, he will win. I also try to make my articles at least 1000 words or more.

Need more words for window washing in tulsa

Since I am currently only at 900 something words, I am going to continue typing for one more paragraph. Believe it or not, I am currently driving my car and typing. Technically, I am using a speech to text feature. It would be super dangerous to text or type all of this while driving.  thank God for speech dictation and smart phones. I am able to utilize this time to improve my business. On the other hand, some businesses just drive and listen to music. I should specify that I meant business owners.  listening to music is good every now and then, but not all the time. It does not move you forward in life. By using this time to type this article, it’s time spent wisely. Hopefully, this article will help my search engine optimization. As a result, a Customer will Google window washing in Tulsa and find me.