Window Washing Jenks

First and foremost, we aren’t going to be talking much about window washing Jenks. Contrary to the title of this article, we are going to be discussing someone I respect in the window cleaning industry. We are going to be talking about Luke the window cleaner. Luke started out cleaning windows for his friends’ dad. He was getting pretty frustrated with how long it was taking to clean storefront windows. Luke always believe there had to have been a quicker way to clean windows. Whether that be a new and improved squeegee or a different technique. At the time, he was had to use the Straight pull method for squeegeeing off the windows. That’s just the way his boss instructed him on how to do it. Luke wasn’t satisfied though with this method. Luke began to wonder if there were better ways to clean windows, so he searched on YouTube.

Learn how to start a window washing Jenks based business with Youtube.

One of the first videos he saw was Alex from window cleaning resource showing how to fan a window. After Luke found this video, he took his laptop and set it down next to a window in his home. He then attempted to clean the window over and over again while watching this video. It was funny for me to hear this story because I learned almost the exact same way. For me, it was too cold at the time to learn how to clean outside. So I set up an iPad in my parents’ house next to a window and learned the same way. After Luke started to get the hang of fanning a window, he realized the value of YouTube videos. The exact same thing happened to me. Anytime I need to learn how to do something, I turn to YouTube. It’s like college, only it’s free.

Learning how to run a window washing Jenks based company.

In this podcast, Luke goes on to say that he learned a lot from trial and error on the jobs. However, he always went back to learn more from YouTube videos. If you are in Jenks, and you want to start a window cleaning business, search for window washing Jenks videos. If that doesn’t work you might try searching for window cleaning tutorials. You might even try window washing Jenks tutorials. You will be pleasantly surprised with how much you can learn from YouTube. Not only is there window cleaning advice on there, there is also business advice. Most guys get into the window cleaning business and think they just have to know how to clean windows. They completely ignore the business side of the window washing Jenks business. Arguably, this is probably the most important area in your window washing Jenks business. Sales are the lifeblood of the business.

Part-time to full-time window cleaning in Jenks.

In order to focus more time on the window cleaning, Luke left the restaurant that you was working at. He even took a job at a bar as a bartender. This way, he would have more flexibility with his work hours. He would bartend from 4 in the afternoon to late at night. Incredibly, he stuck with this shift for 2 years while he continuously built up his storefront accounts in the mornings. He would spend the weekends cleaning residential customers’ windows. He built up his window cleaning clientele to the point that it could sustain them and pay the bills. At that point, he quit the bartending job and went full-time with the Jenks window cleaning business. Only, when I say Jenks window cleaning business, I mean just window cleaning business. To be clear, Luke never had a Jenks window cleaning company. I just said that for SEO purposes.