Get customers for your window washing tulsa based company.

At this point, you have probably started your window washing business. However, this is unfortunately not enough to get new customers. You need to let the world know that you are in business and doing a great job. In this article, I would like to teach you how to begin taking action responsibility for the success of your business yes. If you continue to strive on a daily basis, and never give up, you will achieve greatness. Your window washing tulsa based business will achieve greatness. At the same time, you need to realize up front how hard it is going to be. Instead of having a boss a tells you what to do, you are the boss. Furthermore, you are the one that has to motivate yourself to get things done. Along with that, comes the responsibility to hold yourself accountable. Most people aren’t good at this part.

Residential window washing in tulsa versus commercial.

Before we get started on diving deep into the ways you can Market your business, you need to make a decision. You need to decide on whether you are going to run a residential window washing business or a commercial washing business. As with everything, they both have their pros and cons. Here at gleaning glass, my window washing tulsa based business, we prefer to actively Market to residential window washing customers. We tried out commercial window cleaning and found that there was too much competition. I don’t have a problem with competition. At the same time, I do have a problem with the pricing problem in the commercial window washing Market. Every window washing company is trying to beat the prices of the next window washing company. Arguably, every window washer is in a race to be the first to go out of business. It’s pure insanity!

Window Washing Tulsa | Steady Work

All Things Considered though, commercial window washing is far more reliable. I must admit, it would be nice to have a steady reliable income. Whenever most of your window washing clientele consists of commercial work, it’s much easier to budget your income and expenses. On the other hand, residential window washing customers typically only get their windows cleaned once per year. At most, they will get their windows cleaned twice a year. The trick with running a strictly residential window washing business is to get a ton of customers. Commercial window washing customers typically have their windows cleaned once a month. If you are running a residential window washing business, you have to make up for this in other ways. With this in mind, it’s important to charge generously and maintain as many window cleaning customers as possible. For these reasons, gleaming glass has some of the highest prices around.

Commercial Window Washing Tulsa

All right, let’s say you have decided to run a commercial window washing company in Tulsa. You have decided that much. It’s a great start. I am going to hook you up with two different methods of marketing. Both methods will get you a bunch of commercial window washing work. Both methods, however, might not work for every person. One method might be better suited for a person than the other. However, it’s important to try out both to see which one you like best. Most people wait for the business to come to them. They will sit in their office just waiting for the phone to ring. They will sit staring at their empty email inbox just hoping to get an email from a potential customer. This form of marketing will not work. This is what average window washing business owners do. Be better than that. Be above-average.

Window Washing Tulsa | Take Massive Action

If you take your job seriously as the owner of a window washing business, your paycheck will reflect it. In order to take your job seriously, you are going to have to start taking marketing seriously. It’s important to stop thinking like an average person. You must think and strategize for greater and harder Than your competition. Conversely, you must also take Massive Action every single day to grow your business. Window washing Tulsa businesses don’t just succeed on their own. As the owner of your window cleaning business, you must be intentional about your success. Your business and life is not a dress rehearsal. You must bring energy and diligence to every aspect of your business and life. If you settle for mediocrity, your competition will Slaughter you. At the same time, you are going to get desperate. In like manner, you will be discouraged. Don’t give up!

Assuming the Sale | Window Washing Tulsa

First and foremost, you must dress for the job you dream of having, not the one you currently have. Whenever you are going from business to business soliciting them, don’t dress like a slob. Put on a suit, or some business casual clothes at least, and style your hair. If you dress like a slob and walk into someone’s business, they are not going to take you seriously. That is the first step. Dress the part. Above All Else, don’t just ask if you can clean their windows. You must use your words wisely. It’s important to assume the sale. You can do this by choosing the words you use carefully. Never just straight up ask them if you can clean the windows. Rephrase it into something more sophisticated. Whereupon, the potential customer will be forced to take you more seriously. I would recommend reading books on assuming the sale.

Having Your Price and Proposal Ready

If at all possible, you need to figure out what your price is going to be before walking into a business. Additionally, it is ideal to know exactly how many windows they have. This might not be possible with every building you submit a proposal to. However, if you have the opportunity to walk all the way around the business, do so. It is much better to have your pricing and proposal prepared beforehand. There is a good chance that the business owner will ask you for a price right on the spot. It’s important that you have that price ready to go. It just seems unprofessional to not have a price prepared. I know that sounds weird reading it on a website. I’m the one writing this and it still sounds weird. That said, you will know exactly what I’m talking about when you’re in the moment. It’s unprofessional.