Jenks Window Cleaning

Jenks Window Cleaning

Are you are a human being that is currently breathing oxygen in Jenks Oklahoma? Did you search google for Jenks Window Cleaning? Do you have dirty windows? Do you have at least 1 finger? If you can identify with any of these descriptions, you need to get an instant window cleaning quote from gleaming glass today! To get your instant Jenks window cleaning estimate, click here:

Once you arrive on that page, just start answering the basic questions that we have laid out for you there. Essentially all it comes down to is some basic contact information and questions about your windows. It should only take you a couple minutes to fill out.

Most Highly Reviewed Jenks Window Cleaning Company

Gleaming Glass is proud┬áto have more five star Google reviews than all of our competition, combined. There isn’t another Jenks window cleaning company that even comes close to the reputation we have built. Don’t believe us? I respect that, and I respect people who are skeptical about big claims such as this. To verify our claim, simply head on over to Google Maps and search for the words “window cleaning”. We currently have two locations listed on Google Maps. Our first location is Gleaming Glass Window Cleaning Tulsa”. That location alone has more google reviews than all of our competition combined. If you add our second location, “Gleaming Glass Window Cleaning Broken Arrow” it’s not even close. I understand this all may come across as just a bunch of bragging. That’s not the intention. We have worked really hard for this reputation, and we’re very proud of it!

SEO for Jenks Window Cleaning

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is essentially making your website adhere to Google’s algorithms. When you conduct a search on Google, the companies that come up first are companies that actively update their website to comply with Google. I spent the last year or so updating our website. We spent the last year optimizing for the Search terms “Tulsa window cleaning” and “Window Cleaning Tulsa”. I am extremely happy to reveal that we are the highest-ranking company for those search terms. That success doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s a daily effort to make sure your website is in compliance with Google. Now that we’ve succeeded with Tulsa, we plan on focusing on the surrounding cities. The plan is to devote this new year to optimizing our website for Jenks window cleaning, Bixby window cleaning, Owasso window cleaning, and Broken Arrow window cleaning.

A Great Year

Last year, we gained a lot of customers in the Tulsa area. That said, we weren’t even ranking on page one of Google. We are really excited for what lies ahead this year for gleaming glass. This will be our first year in business where our website has ranked on page 1 of Google for multiple window cleaning search terms. There’s a common phrase used in the search engine optimization industry. The phrase is, “If you want to hide a dead body where nobody will find it, hide it on page 2 of Google.” Page 2 is where our website was located last year, and it was still a good year. This year is going to be insane though! We are going to grow like never before. It’s one thing to make it to page one of google. When you are at the top though, the phone doesn’t stop ringing.