Our Services

Here at Gleaming Glass, our core service is window cleaning. We also provide hard water stain removal and glass scratch repair services, but our main focus is on window cleaning. You deserve a tulsa window cleaning company that is absolutely obsessed with their trade and providing you the very best customer service in addition. With Gleaming Glass, your window cleaning and customer service experience will be absolutely incredible. So incredible in fact, some of our customers report unexplainable and irresistible urges to recommend Gleaming Glass to all of their friends, family members, neighbors, and even their neighbor’s extended family members. It’s becoming an unprecedented referral epidemic.

There are even rumors of truly devoted customers hiring mediums to contact their ancestors, just to make them aware of our remarkable window cleaning service. We have not yet confirmed the authenticity of these rumors. However, if they are true, we would like to go on the record and make it abundantly clear that we do not condone contacting dead ancestors to recommend they try out our services. We have not yet figured out a way to provide window cleaning services to those who are currently living in the afterlife. If there is a way though we’ll find it, and we will be the most highly reviewed and recommended afterlife window cleaning company eternity has ever seen.

In the unfortunate case that our afterlife window cleaning service doesn’t take off, we would definitely like to conduct more and more glass restoration services in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. For now though, we are totally committed to absolutely dominating in the tulsa window cleaning market. Window cleaning is what made us a local favorite starting back in 2011, so we’ve stuck with it ever since. Our philosophy is to go deep, not wide when it comes to services. Meaning, we plan on solely focusing on and constantly improving on, our window cleaning service until we have both become Tulsa’s go-to window cleaning company, and exceeded all of the goals and expectations we have set for ourselves. We will master the art of exceeding the expectations placed on the tulsa window cleaning market. Then, and only then, will we branch out into other services, so as not to become the jack of all trades, master of none. Here are some of the expectations we have placed on ourselves as it relates to the Gleaming Glass customer experience.

We want Gleaming Glass to be synonymous with the words “tulsa window cleaning”. If you search “tulsa window cleaning” we will be the first business to pop up in both the Google places / reviews section, and in the organic listings. Even if people decide to look at some of the websites of other tulsa window cleaning companies, it will be abundantly apparent by the look and feel of our website alone, that we value excellence, and do things right the first time.
In our opinion, our website is comparable to that of a office (for the type of business where customers physically visit a place of business). Imagine yourself visiting a doctor’s office for the first time. You walk in the door, fill out some paperwork, and then sit down in the waiting room. You then proceed to look around and notice that the wallpaper is falling off the walls, there are moldy ceiling tiles above you, and there are toys and magazines laying all over the room. What conclusions would you draw of that doctor and his team? Nothing positive right? Since we are a business that brings the service to our customers, we view our website as the equivalent of an “office waiting room”, from your perspective that is.

It’s the only “physical” aspect of our business that you can see before hiring us. It’s the only thing you have to get a feel for what we’re all about. We don’t take that lightly, and have acted accordingly. We are currently paying 3 different companies to work on our website in order to make it the best and most user friendly window cleaning website it can possibly be. Whatever you’re looking for on our website, you should have no problem finding because we’ve taken the time to organize everything in a logical manner. When you visit our site, we want you to feel like you just stepped into a brand spanking new modern office complete with rustic reclaimed barnwood walls, uplighting, uplifting music, and beautiful hardwood floors. We want the process of getting a quote and scheduling a cleaning to be so easy and simple, that even your Grandma would be able to figure it out. No offense to the “less-than-tech-savvy Grandma’s out there. We feel like we’re already at that point with our online instant estimator, but there’s always room for improvement.

Expounding on going deep, not wide with our window cleaning service; we utilize the most efficient window cleaning equipment on the market. We plan on incorporating equipment into our window cleaning process that no other tulsa window cleaning company is currently using. Equipment such as motorized scrubbing brushes, and a built in water heater on our truck to produce steaming hot water that we’ll clean our customers’ exterior windows with. This dynamic duo will allow us to be more effective and efficient with our cleaning process than any other tulsa window cleaning company out there. We are so close to offering HOT water cleaning! It’s just a matter of weeks from the time of writing this. As for the motorized brushes, that’s another story. They’re almost impossible to track down and purchase. Very few window cleaning companies are even utilizing such technology, but we believe it to be the future of window cleaning.

Once we’ve absolutely perfected the entire Gleaming Glass tulsa window cleaning experience, and we have a couple of cleaning crews working full time, we plan on expanding into other services such as house washing, roof washing, and pressure washing. There are several large window cleaning companies across the nation that have offered just such services as a complimentary service to their main service, window cleaning; and they’ve done very well with it. Some of these companies include Lake State Cleaning, Soap and Water, Bird’s Beware, and All County Window Cleaning. We aspire everyday to be just like the above mentioned companies. These window cleaning companies are on a whole other level, and are trend setters within the window cleaning industry. One day, we hope some other startup window cleaning company will include our name among those names in their own list of window cleaning companies they look up to.