Window Cleaning Broken Arrow

Window Cleaning Broken Arrow

We haven’t spent much time optimizing our website for the search term window cleaning Broken Arrow. In fact, we have spent the last year optimizing your website for the search terms Tulsa window cleaning and Window Cleaning Tulsa. We are currently located in Broken Arrow so this strategy might seem ironic. However, if you search Google long enough you will find that most people are searching for Tulsa window cleaning. In the past we found that very few people were searching for window cleaning Broken Arrow. That said, it looks like things are starting to change. Google Trends are showing an increase in searches for window cleaning Broken Arrow. Upon seeing this trend, we decided to optimize our website for those very people. Right now, at the time of writing this, not many window cleaning companies are optimizing their websites for this search term.

Lack of reputable window cleaning companies in broken arrow.

The subtitle of this paragraph might be a little misleading. There are a couple of very reputable window tinting companies in Broken Arrow. What I mean is that not a lot of reputable window cleaning companies are showing up Google’s search results. This is because every reputable window cleaning Broken Arrow based company is focused on showing up on Google for Tulsa related window cleaning Search terms. This is not a bad thing. As I stated earlier, we spent the last year focusing on that very thing. Now that we were successful and achieved our goals of showing up number one and two in the search results, we’re moving on. Now that people searching for Tulsa window cleaners have a solid chance of finding us, we are going to focus on Broken Arrow. Hopefully, within a couple of months, we will rank on page one. It’s all about consistency!

How to get your instant window cleaning estimate.

For starters, you can get your instant window cleaning estimate by clicking here. That will take you directly to the instant estimator tool on our website. Once there, you will be asked if you questions such as basic contact information and details about your windows. Early on in our business, we used to drive to every home that needed a window cleaning broken arrow estimate. Giving window cleaning estimates in Broken Arrow wasn’t so bad seeing we live here. As a result, we didn’t have very far to drive. However, we were also having to give window cleaning estimates in Owasso, Bixby, and Jenks. These are all at least 30 minute drives. It can be a little bit frustrating to drive that far without any guarantee that the customer is going to like your prices. That is why we made the switch to this online estimator tool.

Benefits of getting an online estimate.

We could not be happier with making the switch to the online estimator tool. There are so many benefits to both the customer and our company. For starters, it has practically completely done away with all the back and forth emails and phone calls. Sometimes, it can be confusing keeping track of who is who. Especially during the busy seasons like spring, summer, and fall. During the busy times, it’s not unusual to receive between 20 and 30 calls per day. When you are trying to clean a customer’s windows and schedule estimates and jobs, things can get pretty crazy. That all change with this instant estimator tool. Now, the customer doesn’t have to speak with us at all in order to get pricing. Nor do they have to contact us to schedule their cleaning. That is all done through our website. Our website is basically a virtual receptionist.