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We’ve been cleaning the Schaffitzel’s windows every 4 months for about 2 years now. They have a rather large house, so it’s a full day job. Unfortunately, how many pictures to show you this but in their living room and game room they have huge picture windows overlooking the pool and pond in the backyard, and if you look at it just right from just the right angle, it almost looks as if the infinity pool is flowing into the pond, which is actually a couple hundred yards away. It’s really cool! Every now and then, they have a variety of wild animals that come out of the woods that back up to their property. With such a great view in the backyard, working out the living room or game room, it’s important to them that those large picture windows stay clean. Heck, it would be for me too if I had a view like that! It’s beautiful. They actually put this house on the market a couple months ago, which was the last time I clean their windows. I’m just now uploading this post and pictures so it’s been a couple months since I talked to Mrs. Schaffitzel, but if I can recall correctly, I believe she said that the house was only on the market for one or two months before someone was ready to buy it. She’s told me they had no idea that it would sell that fast, so at that time they weren’t yet ready to move. It’s one of those rare situations where it’s a nice problem to have! Better that, then the house thing on the market for a year or two. I’m looking forward to cleaning the windows at their new house wherever they decide to move in the Tulsa area. Better yet, I’m hoping to also continue cleaning the windows on this home for whoever the new homeowners are.

Here’s what Jamie had to say about our window cleaning service: “Garrett did a great job, and made sure we were happy!”

One of the things I always looked forward to most about cleaning their windows, was getting to see and play with their dogs. Their black labs has to be the happiest most playful dogs I’ve ever seen. They are always able to brighten my day!

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