Tulsa Hard Water Spots

Window Cleaning Tulsa Hard Water Spots: We are currently in the process of restoring the windows at Legends car wash. This will be a several-day project. They have a copious amount of glass that was damaged by soapy water hitting the glass 24/7. I just thought I’d take a before and after picture/video of one of the windows we restored today, and make a video out of it. Enjoy!

Update: We ended up finishing this restoration job in a little over a week. They had some fairly severe staining this time around. The sun was barely peeking through the clouds throughout this restoration process. That means the lighting conditions weren’t ideal for before and after footage. Both pictures and videos weren’t able to convey just how big of a transformation this car wash underwent. In addition to the windows being restored, they also did some renovations around the car wash!

Legends Car Wash Updates

If you drive past Legends Car Wash on 71st, you will notice how clear their windows now look without the hard water spots. Additionally, the other updates are quite amazing. Their vacuum stations were completely overhauled. They now have a much more powerful vacuum system with led lighting so customers can see at night. The hard water spots no longer plague their glass windows. Their glass is crystal clear now! In case, I forgot to mention that already, I thought I would throw in that tidbit about hard water spots again : )

In addition, they also updated much of the cleaning tunnel equipment. Everything, from the scrubbers to the foam injection systems got a huge facelift. They also added some LED lights that change colors while the soap and suds are being applied. I never get the cool led lights with the cleaning package I pay for since I go with what is cheapest. I do enjoy being able to see it light up other cars though.