Window Cleaning #1

Stone Canyon Church of Christ Window Cleaning #1 I’ve been cleaning Amy Perkins’ windows for a couple years now, so when her father asked her if she knew of any good window cleaning companies, she was able to recommend Gleaming Glass. Her father, Frank is one of the four elders at Stone Canyon Church of Christ, and he’s a fun guy to be around! He’s always joking around with us when we clean the church’s windows. He makes it an enjoyable time of window cleaning filled with laughter. After our initial window cleaning of the church, the elders decided to get on our maintenance cleaning schedule, and have the entrance windows cleaned every month. We will also be cleaning the other windows around the building, every 6 months! We are looking forward to keeping their windows sparkly clean for their Sunday services. We typically clean their windows on Saturday mornings so they look as clean and clear as possible for when the church congregation start arriving. During the initial cleaning, we were cleaning the windows at the front of the auditorium, above the baptism tub. When we got to those windows, Frank began to tell us the story of how the tub was installed. Back when the church was being built, a contractor was given the task of bringing the tub into the auditorium with a fork lift to set it where it needed to be placed, so it could be further repositioned by hand. Instead of sliding the forks under the baptism tub, he decided to just ram the forks through the tub in order to lift it. Now, I’m not quite sure what he was thinking as he was doing this, maybe nothing at all, but where I’m from…baptism tubs need to be filled with water. You see, when there’s 4 giant holes in said tub, water tends to leak out of said holes. The contractor ended up having to pay for the tub to be replaced, and this time it was installed properly! This is why you read reviews for companies before hiring them : )

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