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Did you just randomly see bubbles floating past you in public? Are you a humanoid currently located in Tulsa? Good news! You have probably just landed on the right page of this thing we call the world wide web. Chances are, you found this page after doing a google search for “Tulsa Bubble Truck” or maybe you googled “why the heck did I just see bubbles floating in front of my car in Tulsa, OK?” You might have been sitting at a stoplight or stop sign when all of a sudden, bubbles floated across the intersection. You might have been walking out of a store or building, and you witnessed the unexplained phenomenon of a swarm of bubbles floating across the parking lot, and now you’re here wondering what is going on.

Now I realize “swarm” is a special word typically used to refer to a large group of insects. However, if you see this bubble phenomenon with your own eyes, your brain will struggle to come up with any other word than “swarm” to describe whatever it is you are witnessing. It is none other than the swarm of bubbles being dispensed by the tulsa window cleaning bubble truck. This swarm serves no other purpose than to fly around and make people wonder where on earth this non-insect related, swarm of floating soap orbs originated from. They look around…and then bam! They spot our, now famous, Tulsa window cleaning bubble truck. They then feel the sudden urge to get that free no obligation window cleaning quote right here:

Below, you’ll find a real life photo of the #tulsabubbletruck in it’s natural habitat, at a customers’ house.

Tulsa Window Cleaning 13

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